Titan Quest


What is the Notepad for? I don’t remember there being too many things I had to remember in the game, where I would need to take notes. But maybe that’s because I didn’t take notes.


Absolutely zero notes to be taken in TQ. It’s just another piece of schwag.

I assume the newest expansion will be DLC.


For many years, I’ve always envisioned using my laptop to play light games during my commute or on a plane. That never happens though since the form factor just doesn’t play nicely with it - difficult if not impossible to use a mouse, bulky to carry a controller, uncomfortable to use a trackpad, and I generally don’t have laptops with a dGPU anyway.

The Switch has actually realized all those things I used to think I’d do with laptops.

I play games on my Switch all the time, everywhere. Titan Quest on Switch is going to be f’n incredible!


I found a couple which did, back when it came out. Yeah, they’re still mostly positive reviews, but this doesn’t seem like a revelatory expansion from what people have said; largely more of the same, and there’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever. I’ll get it when it’s on a decent sale and probably enjoy the living daylights out of it.


1- This is all crazy!
2- This is all awesome!

Seriously loved this game when it came out and will totally get it again on a console. Has anything like this ever happened? All the “game resurrections” I can think of are ports of long old games (like SNES stuff or whatnot.) I can’t think of another instance of a moderately-old game getting an X-Pack and then getting ported to modern systems.

Chris Woods


Well, there is Age of Empires 2 and Age of Mythology.


I was pleasantly surprised to recently discover that Path Of Exile was released on the consoles this past summer. I guess that sort of counts…though it’s not that old but still, 4 years after release. Similar type of game to TQ,too.

Guess the success of Diablo is paving the way for more similar games.

I wonder if they’ll add off-line co-op to TQ.


I’ve replayed the old stuff and just got into the Ragnarok content. My first take it stays true to old TQ, but lacks a bit of fit and finish. One thing annoys the hell out of me though. They constant mix up Gaelic and Gaul. People on the Danube have an Irish accent, apparently, as does the Nordic princess who points you northward from Greece.


I have yet to play the new content, but I’m loving the thrown weapons. I’m trying to collect as many sets as possible.
I found the forum helpful too.





I am about a third of the way through the new content on normal. I love that the new sounds are 3.1. It is obvious the developers have a great deal of passion for the game. The landscapes are gorgeous.
I have gotten a few blues and lots of dark greens. The new relics are starting to drop more often. The quest experience is pretty lousy, but I am doing them anyway to satisfy my completionist tendencies.
A kind Vietnamese person put up a guide that I used to complete a couple of the quests.


Cool. I have created 4 pack mules using the expansion and I have an illusionist that is ready for it, but I am taking a break from him to focus on a few characters that I have in Greece. I want to earn the single mastery completion achievement, either with my Hunter or my Warrior.


Well, since this game came out as part of this months Humble Bundle, I thought it might be interesting to set up some Multiple player games.
I believe we have a Discord Room for it already.




For those looking for a bit of help.


I don’t think so. I think everything moved to Titan Quest Anniversary Edition.


Damn it, I just started it up again. Titan Quest is to me, the Comfort Food of Gaming. They could come out with an expansion every few years and I would be happy.


I forget if you’re in the Grim Dawn thread, but there is a mod for that game that lets you play (I believe) all the Titan Quest classes in Grim Dawn. Take that, comfort food!


Even the Runesmith?


I haven’t installed the mod but there is talk about it in the latest Grim Dawn discussions.

Here is a link to the mod itself. I can’t figure out exactly what Titan Quest masteries it includes, maybe you can!


Off the top of my head, dream, nature, storm, earth, spirit, warrior, guardian, rogue, hunter. D3 witch doctor + TQ nature?..yes please. So much fun.