Titan Quest

New expansion released! :)

  • A whole new epic quest line spanning 4 acts, accompanied by 15 additional side quests, playable exclusively in Legendary difficulty
  • New 11th mastery

10% Discount at GoG as well.

Surprised such an old game is still getting DLC.

That part doesn’t surprise me, it’s the part that the original developer moved on, and these latest expansions have all been from a different developer. But I suppose that’s the same situation with all the DLC lately for Age of Empires 2 and 3.

It makes me wish I enjoyed their moment to moment action in this game more.

Shit… I might need to get that, but 17.99 seems a bit high for a DLC.
A new Mastery is always welcome though.

Same here. I’ve attempted to play this game many times since release. My original complaint of the game speed being too slow for my tastes was fixed with new re-release, but even then, I just can’t seem to stay engaged for long.

It’s the one action RPG I keep trying because I love the setting, but it has never grabbed me like the Diablos, the first Van Helsing, Torchlight II, or recently, Grim Dawn.

I hear it gets better in the later acts and with the expansion pack, so maybe I should push past the first two.

It doesn’t really. Not with the characters I tried. It still never feels good to kill stuff unlike in other ARPGs. I just went through the motions because I love leveling up and the setting, as you said, but the moment to moment gameplay never got better.

Oh wow, it’s been a minute since I last visited the Titan Queee. I still have yet to finish Ragnarok, and I see there’s also an Atlantis??? It is neat to the game getting expansions and updates still. Titan Quest was the first arpg I played… I missed out on Diablo and Diablo 2 during their times. Got special place in my heart for it still.

I have been playing this for the last month, and I like it quite a bit. It does progress slowly: legendary items do not drop until you are playing on epic difficulty, which (especially with Ragnarok) takes a long time to reach. But now that I finally have a character there and do get those purple drops, I also get better items for alts to work toward, and thus I keep playing.
I’m not keen on buying the expansion if it means it takes that much longer to reach epic difficulty. Didn’t buy Atlantis either: apparently it doesn’t improve the base game all that much. Ragnarok is fine, but long…

I waited for a sale on Atlantis, but it did add two things to the game that I love.

First, level 2 new skills per class. Most aren’t OP, so you aren’t missing much, but great for single Mastery Runs.

Second is the gambler.just being able to throw your excess gold at him has been great.

As for this expansion, I do want to try out the new mastery. And getting a level 70 character (with 5 Purple items that are cursed to reduce your XP by 20% each) sounds neat.

Like you though, I only have 1 character in Epic. I am debating moving on with him…or one of my other 20 characters, including my single Mastery warrior.

Still, no matter what, you do get extra transfer space.

Well yes, but from what I understood, it also made monsters bullet sponges and didn’t add much in terms of new area’s. Would you agree with that, or have I read the wrong reviews?

I have no clue about the bullet sponges part. The monsters weren’t changed in Atlantis that I could tell.

The areas themselves are all completely side quest material. The quests only provide items or XP, no state points.

There are new monsters and new items, but nothing like the new throwing weapons from Ragnarok.

The biggest changes are that you access to the gambler that provides you with random loot for a gold.
The ability to go to put 40 points into a mastery and unlocking 2 Level 40 skills for each master (Nature has a cool one).
And the ability to fight endless monsters in a cave (each stage, the game generates a random set of rules, like no Potions or no active skills or no Regen).

I think, for a couple of dollars, having access to the level 40 skills is worth it.

The new areas are skippable, but I like the extra lore. It’s not as good as the Ragnarok lore though.

Day one purchase/full price… No. Under 5 dollars? Yes.


This random person reviews the new skills.

As for this DLC, I think I will wait for the next sale.

Although, the thread most trashes Storm mastery final skills, until it was changed in a patch on page 7.

Oke, thanks. Guess I may at least have to try Atlantis then!

Indeed, but just wait for a sale. As you said, it’s not as good as Ragnarok and that I 100% agree with.

I did not understand this part until I started the game today: nice!!!
Not so nice: the fact that as of today the extra lvl 40 skills are shown (greyed out) on the skill screen, without an option to do anything with them until I buy the expansion. I really don’t like that ‘free-to-play but we stuff it into your face all the time’ kind of thing.

That may be good for those who don’t know about the expansion. Seems this was released quietly, with little fanfare. Trailer released on same day as game, it seems.

The level 40 stuff is from Atlantis, I think.

The starting menu of the game does a fine job of letting anyone know about the new expansion. And, as legowarrior said, the lvl 40 skills are from an older expansion. So, this is just a matter of ‘look what you could have if you were to pay more money!’, over and over and over again. And I really hate that.

To play devil’s advocate, it’s a 16 year old games that continues to receive patches and support from the developers, such as controller support, fixed bugs and the like.

That the developers added a few DLCs to keep the lights on in the game (so to speak) is not a negative.

That they tell updated the game game UI, but blocked out the parts you can’t access because you don’t have the DLCs might be frustrating, but on the other hand, new content for a 16 year old game.

In any case, hopefully Atlantis will be on sale during the winter sale. Or one one of the other key Sellers sites.


3.74 on Indie Gala. Note that it is a steam key.