Titanfall 2 - Maybe this time it will retain players?


So I reinstalled this after just not feeling it with Apex Legends. So glad I did. I love this campaign so much.



Such an awesome campaign, one of the best I have ever played.


Agreed. It’s really ramped the game up to one of my all-time favorites.


If you see me in MP, feel free to join! I must play the campaign again but the MP is my honey pot. It’s such an amazing package.

I played the other night and had Last Titan Standing, Amped Hardpoint and Capture the Flag, all in a row on Mixtape. That’s unheard of since launch! There were a couple of thousand playing, no doubt some new blood from the Apex Legend’s buzz.

I had an amazing moment on the CTF game I wish I’d managed to record where I was defending the flag on Forwardbase Kodai. Saw a Ronin trying to flank us and as I watched out for it saw a pilot stim boosting past with our flag. I popped a thermite grenade off and hit him mid-air. Then I turned round to see another dude stealing our flag. A few shots later and I hit him in mid-air before yet another guy picked up the flag and hightailed it across the roof in the other direction. I ran after him as he launched himself off the building and popped him out of the air as well with a thermite grenade. Landing those kinds of aerial shots with Scorch is tough so I was very pleased with myself! :-)

Here’s my baby:

The Amped Hardpoint game was one of the closest I’ve had too:

And I’ll take these character models over Apex’s too:

So cool.


Playing through the campaign has shown me how rusty I am, so imma finish that before even touching multiplayer.


O.k. @BrianRubin, I am going to finally invest in this campaign - started it once and liked the feel of movement/weapons but only played a bit of the tutorial before getting distracted.


Excellent. It’s up there with Freespace 2 for me, man. ;)


When scorch works, he WORKS.


I love how you kept adding barrels of thermite to the fire with those two titans sat in it!


The best scorch skill is the one that lets you wade through your own fire while not taking damage… Just set everything on fire, and wade through it towards them with the flame shield going, which does massive damage to them once you get close… There’s that one point where I throw the gas in front of the minigunner, and he starts backing up and turning around… but oh noes! IT’S ONLY MORE FIRE!

It just melts titans, literally… and as you can see, it charges up your super insanely fast, and Scorch’s super is the best.

If an opponent doesn’t know how to effectively control his range from you, they get murdered. The hard part is getting good with the canisters and cannon so that you can dump fire precisely at distances.

The other favorite titan I played, probably more than Scorch, was Ion. He’s got the Vortex shield which is amazing when going up against Legion. If the enemy team has a poorly played Legion, Ion will obliterate them.

The trick is to not just reflect Legion’s ammo back at him… you reflect it back at his teammates. You use the perk that makes Ion boost the damage of reflected shots, so you’re actually reflecting MORE damage than is being fired at you.

I’ve “used” a poorly played Legion to kill his entire team, and then him, when he’s activated his super (which lets him fire without stopping for the duration). You basically turn into a super powered legion, where you are doing 150% of his damage, but your damage is instant hit, burst damage. As long as you are reflecting it back onto crit zones, the damage Ion puts out in this way is absolutely immense.

You just suck up a bunch of shots for a second or two, aim at one of his friends, release the shield, they explode and have no idea why, and then you activate the shield again. The trick is to kind of “pulse” the shield every second or so, because you don’t want to let it break until you’ve used a few shots.

Good Legions will be able to screw with you by pulsing their gun and make you waste your shield, but frankly, those guys are few and far between. Most won’t even realize what is happening, since you aren’t reflecting the damage back at them until they’re the only one left, at which point they explode, and their entire team is a bunch of smoking wrecks.

Oh, and of course doing this charges up your super cyclops death beam.


I think the campaign is a bit oversold, and the boss battles and ending were a bit underwhelming. Like it is a great shooter campaign, but it isn’t flawless. Effect and Cause and the level in the building factory are some of the best shooter campaign levels period. Worth playing through for that alone.






Man, that’s where my campaign stopped. It was hard enough with all these jumps I had to make between all these moving parts, but then they added enemies I had to fight in the midst of all that too? So now I have to move and make jumps and kill people while I’m doing it? Nope. Too hard for me.

I should come back to it sometime and give it another try I guess.


Necessary Response NO U


Tell me how you really feel.

I again have to point out the similarities to the ending of the game to the delightful Josh Lucas/Jessica Biel/Jamie Foxx vehicle “Stealth”


Gannon finds the injured and embattled Wade near the border between North and South Korea. He and EDI land and he goes to her aid. The two make a run for the border, chased by Korean People’s Army soldiers and a Mil Mi-8 helicopter. Out of ammunition and taking damage from the Mi-8, the EDI sacrifices itself by ramming the helicopter, destroying both. This allows Gannon and Wade to escape into South Korea, where they are found by US military forces soon afterwards. After attending Purcell’s funeral aboard the Abraham Lincoln , Gannon awkwardly expresses his feelings of love to Wade.
In a post-credits scene, the camera pans over the debris-strewn scene on the border between the Koreas. EDI’s “brain” turns back on, implying it is still functional.


I ran away from most fights in there.


That’s a real shame, that level is super special.


Umm… guys…



That is one of the best levels too ever have been designed in a single player FPS campaign.

I don’t mean that as hyperbole, I cannot think of much else that rivals that level. It was pure brilliance.