Titanfall 2 - Maybe this time it will retain players?

I actually got it ages ago and barely played it. Would you recommend diving back in?

Yes. I think either are great solo play throughs, especially if you’re looking for something with high production values and memorable characters. Both are good at offering something cool in addition to the tight CoD gunplay.

Modern Warfare II is good also. There’s an especially cool subtle twist in the middle (keep subtitles on) and I absolutely love Los Vaqueros. Alain Mesa is a treat as Alejandro. All the Mexican stuff is a good time. Assaulting an oil rig during a storm provides good theatre, as does the run through the streets in a mission called “Alone”.

With Call of Duty I think people have this perspective on both the players and the series as somehow beneath their hoity toity values for video games, but man, they spend a TON of money on these things and they really do a great job giving players all sorts of high quality entertainment.

Like, most people think of multiplayer as either the 6v6 deathmatch or Warzone and there are like 18 other modes beyond those. Gunfight is the CoD equivalent of Street Fighter for example. 2v2. Small maps. Random weapons. It’s brilliant imo. A superb change of pace from other modes.

Hmm, it got some TLC today…

Greatest fps ever made.

Oh yay!

Greatest fps never played.


I attempted to play online tonight but wasn’t connecting to the servers. Not sure what’s up? This was on PC.

I ended up playing the campaign through to Into the Abyss on Hard. Took down Kane. This game man… it’s STILL brilliant. It runs like a dream now too in 2023. I love how they never take you out of first person to tell the story either. The “You Are There” of Titanfall 2 is epic!

For anyone who decides to try to play the PC game online, there is an issue with 10th Gen and up Intel processors. You’ll need to do this…

…to make it work. Apparently this fix is useful for a lot of other games as well. In researching a little, I discovered other developers had their games breaking because of this change in OpenSSL on Intel.

It really is a testament to how much better those guys were than most of the industry. They achieved stuff that, frankly, I didn’t think anyone would ever really get working.

As an example, the way that Titans are integrated into the gameplay. Titans feel insanely powerful, and when you’re in one you have a big advantage over folks not in them. Better yet, you’re basically guaranteed to get to pilot one, eventually, even if you’re fresh meat, because your titan meter will creep up, and you can even kill the AI grunts to speed things along.

And yet, you are still vulnerable when in one. If another pilot is much better than you, there are times when you can feel like a sitting duck.

The fact that they somehow achieved this level of balance is mind blowing. Compare this to the way vehicles are handled in a lot of other games, and it’s like night and day. In most games, vehicles either feel way too weak, or way too strong. Like in past Battlefield games, you’d have folks camping certain aircraft spawn locations because if you got into one, you’d get like 80 kills.

Respawn made balance much better, while also eliminating things like vehicle camping.

And that was just one of a ton of different design improvements that they made. Those guys, the original IW folks, always seem like they’re able to push shooters to the next level, where most of the industry is willing to just reiterate on the same ideas over and over.

Absolutely. I think that’s why Apex has been so successful. They have the brains there. No doubt.

I often use the doors in Apex as a great example of how they think things through on a level most don’t. The doors on any building in Apex can be closed, and if you’re behind them, they can’t be opened, because they always swing away from you to open them. That means a downed player or a desperate player can stand behind a door to prevent entry… at least as long as that door isn’t destroyed by a grenade or kicked in. Once that happens, you have to deal with the entry point.

It’s such a simple little thing, but it has important gameplay implications, and they definitely thought about it to make it work like that. It’s documented in some interviews.

Respawn are the best there are right now at first person shooting IMO. The current Infinity Ward are close. There are a lot of things in Warzone that I think are also excellent from a gameplay and design standpoint, but they’re also somewhat limited in that their sandbox is reality for the most part. Sci-Fi provides so much more opportunity, and that’s where the Respawn design of multiplayer/battle royale overcomes them.

That’s why I’m interested in seeing what Respawn can do with the Starwars franchise. I heard they were supposedly making what will essentially be a new Battlefront game? If Respawn makes a battlefront game, I expect it will be good.

Maybe not TF3 good, but still good.

What I HATED about Apex, and why I uninstalled it is the lack of a starter weapon other than your fists. Dunno if that has changed.

They have a LOT of different modes now including one that’s basically round-based multiplayer. You should give it a try again. Standard BR still works that way I think, but they give you shields now on landing among other things to make it easier to stay alive.

It’s a game that has evolved considerably since it launched. I might play it right now in fact…

OpenSSL fix got me going in multiplayer and I played multiple “This… is a battle of Attrition!” matches. “You kill me, you’re better. I kill you… I’m better.”

The multiplayer in this game still rocks out. A grappling, double jumping, wall running, sniping, and Titan fighting masterpiece. There really is no game that does giant robots better than this one. None. I don’t ever want to stop playing.