Title search doesn't fricking work

EVERY time I try to use Advanced Search to look up threads by title here on Qt3, it gives me a Server 500 Error.

For example, I just tried searching for “first 100 CGW issues” in the Games forum, listing threads not posts, and bam, 500 error.

Every other damn search I try, same thing.

Is it just me? Is it just at night? Is there some other secret way to get it to not spaz out? Because I know I’m going to get bashed for not reviving an appropriate thread, but I CAN NEVER EVER FUCKING FIND ANY OLD THREADS BECAUSE OF THESE GODDAMNED 500 ERRORS.

VBulletin’s search tool is ass, and you can BLAME CHET FOR HAVING TO USE IT.

Use the Alan Au trick of Googling “site:quartertothree.com [text stuff goes here with normal Googly operators]”

Good tip, thanks :-)

Chet, I’m sorry vBulletin’s search tool is ass. It’s a good system except for that…

Fuck that, don’t be sorry. It isn’t your fault. No one else wanted to switch. And there are plenty of other niggling little things. Try searching for “wii”.