TIVO remote a battery hog?

My TIVO remote seems to burn through its batteries way faster than my trusty old Sony universal remote ever did. Anybody else experience this?

Nope seemed fine to me.

Are you sure the batteries are really, truly dead? My TIVO remote (Series 1 peanut) gets confused and locks up a lot – just pop the batteries out for ten seconds and put 'em back in and everything’s fine.

I think people tend to use their TiVO remotes more…for pausing, and such, than a normal remote. So yeah, the batteries die quicker. That said, I have had my comcast DVR (which sucks compared to directv’s, btw) for almost 6 months and have not changed the batteries.

hmmm… maybe I should upgrade to name-brand batteries for the tivo remote then. Hopefully that will help.

On a related note, what retard decided to put the power button in such a stupid place on the tivo remote?

Oh that was me, sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking that day.