TiVo ToGo is a go!

From Variety:

Legions of TiVo fans just got another reason to love their favorite machine, much to the indignation of the motion picture industry. The Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday gave the greenlight to sharing service TivoToGo, which will allow TiVo users to record and send programming to nine other TiVo boxes or computers via the Internet.

9? How’d they come to that #?

9+1 original = 10? Nice round number. :P

I think I will buy a Tivo now. It will be nice to have Macgyver on dvd to watch once TV Land/Spike stops showing it again and Paramount refusing to release a dvd boxset. :P

Unless the series4 standalone cable-card compatible hdtivo supports recompression to mpeg4, which seems somewhat unlikely, you won’t be sending hdtv over the internet. The internet is too slow, and the last mile is way too slow. Standard mpeg-2 compressed HD content consumes anywhere from 6 to 10 gigabytes per hour. At my cable modem’s 35KB/sec upload, it would take me around 64 hours to transmit one hour of HD content.

The nine number seems pretty reasonable to me if it’s extremely easy to do the sharing. It’s unlikely that I’d have more than that many people I really want to share the program with. On the rare occasion that there were, I’m sure I could find ways around it, even if it were a bother.

Does the FCC have the authority to rule on legal matters such as copyright?

The FCC’s authority is derived from statute. Congress can assign and rescind whatever powers Congress sees fit. Historically, FCC limits are often challenged in court as arbitrary. The FCC tends to lose unless it can demonstrate a logical, preferably empirical, reason for the limits chosen.