TMZ reports that Prince is dead

I mean…holy shit.

Geezus what?!?!?!?!?!?!?!! No. NO.

GF is in shambles at this point. She’s the biggest music nerd/obsessive I’ve ever known, so this year has been crippling for her :(

Oh god, I bet. I’m kind of a wreck my own self.

I just don’t have anything. At all.

I saw a report a week or two ago that he had some health problem but was recuperating.

Now this.

Fucking fuck fuck fuck.

Wow. Crazy if true.

Variety has it now too:

Wow, TMZ is down for me.

No doubt the entire internet is descending on the site. My Facebook and other forums have lit up like Christmas trees.

Yeah, I guess on Friday his private jet did an emergency landing in Moline IL of all places, and Prince was briefly hospitalized.

Publicist: “bad bout of the flu”.

Or…something worse.

Well shit. Confirmed.


From N’Gai’s Twitter, Prince absolutely shredding through “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” at the RRHOF induction in 2004.

He was tweeting about Record Store Day on Saturday, talking about feeling rejuvenated.

Guessing it was something pretty sudden.

Star Tribune confirms:

Star Tribune

#Breaking: Pop music superstar Prince has died at his home in suburban Minneapolis.

Choking up here.

The fuck… Same age as me. Damn.

I dunno that my social feed would be any more slammed if someone detonated a 10kt bomb in downtown Minneapolis.

It’s official: 2016 can now go fuck itself.

Right? We should’ve known it’d be all downhill after we lost Abe Vigoda.