To all the people who gave me advice on fixing/tuning my PC

Id like to thank you all. I started with the Please to the PC game gods topic looking for optimizations. That helped a lot, but was not the real source of the problem (and the advice there everyone should use to tune thier PC for games).

Next was my HDD replacement question. As it turned out, my HDD was the root of evil in my PC. Windows XP would occasionally switch it to PIO mode and I though this was an issue with windows XP, but it was an issue with my drive itself. I noticed when copying large files 300 megs or so, from one HDD to another, that the copy time would wildly fluctuate, like from 30 seconds to 2 hours and back again. This was my first clue something was up.

I decided to get a new 80gig drive to replace my current 80 gig drive. During the ghosting process my megabytes per minute started at like 480, but within maybe 20 minutes it had dropped to 160. At that point I got a room fan and had to blowing into my computer case, the data rate slowly rose to about 189 megs a second.

Anway, the new drive is in, and holy shit, things are vastly faster. Before planentside would take me like 5 or 6 minutes to goto the title screen after hitting start, now its like 20 seconds. C&C generals even loads and runs smoothly now.

I guess my old HDD is on its last legs and is about to die. Anyway thanks for the help and advice people gave me in the various threads.