To CD or not to CD?

For the games that you legally bought, do you
put the cd/dvd in every time or do you
(break the law and) use no cd patches.

If the latter, do you feel somehow guilty?
and if the former, do you find it annoying?

It depends. I use a NoCD patch for everything on my laptop, but on my desktop I usually can’t be bothered to find a crack and hope that it’s not a virus.

Why the hell would I feel guilty about using a NoCD patch for a game I purchased legally?

And yes, it is annoying. That’s why I try to buy everything via digital distribution these days. I fucking <3 Steam and Stardock.

I noCD about half the stuff I buy, I’d say. No qualms about it, despite the EULA, I still consider it mine to do what I please with after I buy it.

I love digital distribution and try to get it as much as possible, but I don’t download cracks for games that require the CD. People swap CDs all the time on consoles, why should the PC be any different?

I’ve been trying to stick to finishing off one game at a time lately, so I generally just leave the disc in, but I’m not opposed to using no-CD patches in general (and used to use GameJackal on my previous system).

Now that I’ve been reminded of it, I should think about getting no-cd patches for some things like TrackMania United. It’s the kind of casual game I’d like to play on an occasional basis, but then I’d have to dig out the CD, which is by that point buried in the closet from the last time I cleared off the mess building up on the desk…

Because it’s a PC, and it doesn’t rely on streaming from the disc as a console (generally) does, as all the game data is installed to hard disk. That being the case, requiring the disc to be inserted to start the game is unnecessary and annoying. It’s a hoop to jump through, nothing more.

I used to do the noCD thing, but there was one game that kept getting updated on a nearly daily basis so the noCD would be out of date almost constantly. I think I stopped at that point and started using a spindle on my desk with all of my “Now Playing” on it.

For the games i buy, i use the DVD/CD every time. I have no problem with using NOCD patches, i just don’t see the need for my PC gaming needs at the moment. No, wait, i’m lying. I NOCD the Football Manager games from SI games because i normally play them on 2 computers at the same time (i play it at work as well as at home and back up the game save with Gspace).

I mostly buy on Steam these days, but I’ve cracked the few PC games that I’ve bought at retail as soon as it’s convenient. I hate rummaging around for those fucking discs.

Every game I play either is on the 360, on steam, or a MMO so I don’t have this problem.

Because PC games contain all the data on the hard drive and don’t have to require a CD in the drive.

I like having my Diablo 2 CD in the drive, so for any game that’s not Diablo 2, I like using No-CD patches.

For some bizarre reason, no one seems to have made no CD patches for the latest versions of Diablo 2.

Buying most of my games recently from Steam helps a lot too. That way I don’t have to go looking for No-CD patches.

Now, if they released Diablo 2 on Steam, I’d re-buy the game again in a second.

Every game I play either is on the 360, or PSP so I don’t have this problem.

Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq.

I try to buy my games nowadays in ways that don’t force me to use the CD as my “I’m a honest customer” key.

Companies like Stardock make a good chance of having me as a customer just because they handle this so well. I like the feeling that I’m a valued customer, instead of a probable pirate/thief. I find myself buying more and more through downloads just to avoid the CD hassle, but for sure not all download venues are as customer friendly as you would expect/hope. EA store/link comes to mind.

If I do need to buy a “CD-must in the drive” game, I just use a workaround, so that I don’t need the CD. Really pirating is so easy its not funny, so why bother me the customer with the silly protection schemes. I feel that I have that right, even if they don’t agree.

I’ve never bought any StarForce game, because that really went to far. Bought Space Rangers at Stardock when they got it later on, which felt great :)

No CD Keys sometimes, but generally I just switch the disk as I’m a bit leery of the risk of downloading executable code.

My CD drive is going bad; some copy protection makes it spin forever, and something is loose so the whole laptop noisily vibrates when this happens. Games that do this get the No-Cd treatment immediately. I even had one game that wouldn’t work period, without a no-cd. :-/

Anyway, using hacked .exe’s for a game you bought is not illegal – despite what certain DRM happy companies would like you to believe.

I have no idea where you get no CD patches and therefore switch the disc all the time.

I find the no-CDs for some games but I’m very inconsistent about it. Most of the time I can’t be bothered enough to look for one while running the risk that it’s malicious. The ones I do download I obviously don’t feel guilty about as it’s just an inconvenience.

I use nocds with every PC game because in addition to being able to leave the disk on the shelf, it quite often improves performance.

I’ve not had problems with malicious noCD stuff since, like, the 90s. The two big sites I can think of for em are about as safe as any other major download site. That said, I’m also pretty lazy, so I don’t often bother with 'em, what with patching being so constant these days. I hate having to switch the .exe, patch, and then have to bugger around with the CD again until a new noCD is released.

Yeah that too, I’d hate having to look for no-CDs after every update.