To CD or not to CD?

Yeah, I prefer using the noCD when a current version is available, which unfortunately isn’t always the case.

  • Alan

I’ve never used a no-CD crack. It’s rare that I play multiple games during the same period anyway, so it’s no hassle for me to leave a game in the drive for long periods (and I’m not using it for things other than gaming). I figure that the few seconds it takes to switch CD/DVDs isn’t worth the trouble saving, considering the time wasted doing other mundane things in life.

I use no-CD cracks whenever available, have never once felt guilty, and fail to imagine why I possibly would.

I’ve bought Company of Heroes and GalCiv2 in the past few days and neither require the disks to play. Hooray!

I don’t use no-cd cracks after a few bad experiences with them. If I’m playing a PC game that requires the CD/DVD, I just keep it in the drive constantly, or suck it up when I try to boot the game and it complains at me.

I use no-CD cracks for most things, and have one or two games that actually require them to start (Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising, for example. I bought it sealed in box, never used, can install fine, but the game won’t detect the CD. I think it’s looking for the CD drive at one specific drive letter or something.). But I don’t use one with Oblivion - the game’s buggy enough that I don’t want to introduce the slightest additional possibility for things to go wrong.

Every chance I get I use them. I absolutely hate having my media hanging around my desk and too lazy to keep going back and forth to the other room and get discs. Besides, I am so disorganized that I lose shit constantly so I’d rather not have to worry about the physical media.

I find your lack of a voting option for digital distribution, such as Steam or Direct2Drive, that obviates the need for physical media a little insensitive.

Or you could take it as the poll/question just doesn’t apply to those folks.

GameJackal if I can, if not I noCD and if I can’t do that I might use the CD… more likely I forget about it.

I see you haven’t patched CoH yet. (Yes, they added a CD check, although you can bypass it by logging in.)

  • Alan

Please get in touch with your sense of humor, kthx.

It’s been a long day of threadwars elsewhere and clearly the radar was busted.

I prefer digital distribution or games that don’t have (or patch out) the disc check. For the rest, I use Game Jackal, if possible, but I try to actively avoid disc checkers.

And if you’re a Steam user you have to be online because there is no CD and it doesn’t work with Steam offline mode. Yay THQ, yay!

Stardock (preferably) and Steam (secondary choice) are my nocd-patches, but if a
game isn’t available from either, and no other digital download company wants to sell
to a filthy European like me, I go to the usual world of nocd-patches to find if the latest
offical patch for a game I want is supported. I generally expect THQ games to be good that way.

A few other companies also remove the CD check after the critical months are over.
Blizzard are slowpokes. MMOs are guaranteed to never require the disc.

For anything non-digital distribution I’ll sometimes use a no-CD but most times I’ll use a mounted image to fool the CD check. No issues with patches that way. Either way, no CD swapping.

if you can spare the hd space, alcohol 120% and daemon tools is great.

i use it for titan quest/supreme commander/rise of legends.

The only no-CD stuff I’ve ever used was for Starforce protected games.

For PC games, I do Steam as much as possible. I love Steam.

The other games I play are mostly 1-2 years or older titles. I just make an image with Alcohol and mount it with Daemon Tools. The only game I can’t get to work that way is Star Wars: Empire at War.