To Ogre or not to Ogre!


I am making myself crazy trying to decide if I should buy the kickstarter version of Ogre. I used to love playing the game but 100 dollars is a lot of computer games that I could purchase instead.

I really wish they were planning on making an iOS version. I would play that alot. But the big bad Ogre? Not sure how many times a year that would come out. The other thought that crosses my mind is imagine if they make expansions for this! How do you explain that to your wife :>)

We have a little gaming group that meets at the bowling alley near my house. The regulars are used to seeing us play some unusual boardgames (they will watch sometimes - and you know they would love to play but do not want to in front of their pals etc -laugh). It would be cool to observe the regulars faces watching some of us playing a giant board of Ogre!

Anyway, I am fighting the temptation - I really want to purchase all the TBS games coming out this year and the budget is limited.



After watching the video and comparing the ratio of backers to funding, I have determined that one could become a kind of future entrepreneur by simply marketing a low-cost product that is desirable to men with low social capital and waiting thirty years while they develop their economic capital. Then, collect.

Anyway, 100 bucks seems like a shitload for a boardgame, but I don’t know anything about Ogre. Maybe you get 10 games out of it – maybe a play session would be worth 10 per to you?


Well, look, I am not any kind of moral compass for anybody but I totally dropped a hundred on this Kickstarter. I am an OGRE fan from my childhood, more or less, and I don’t feel guilty in the least showing support for SJ Games in general and OGRE specifically. I share your perspective that an iOS or Steam or XBLA or what-have-you online version would be fantastic - in fact, it’s always been a fantasy of mine that I would develop just such a game for these guys. But regardless, I find this to be a totally worthwhile investment and look forward to getting my giant box in the mail. Hopefully, GeeWhiz, you will figure out your comfort level and contribute appropriately, if at all.


I remember playing Ogre on my Apple IIc. I think Ogre on iOS would be the only way I’d play it nowadays. The over expensive board game would just sit collecting dust.


Holy crap I didn’t even know this existed.

Car Wars kickstarter! Let’s do it Steve!


I kickstartered the crap out of this one. $260 for $150 tier plus extra dice. counter sheets, large maps, etc.

Right now, I don’t even want to think about how much shipping will be to Australia when the time rolls around.

I seem to have a habit of collecting boardgames I may never play, but this one I will. Due to its nature, it will be a sneaky way I can get my wife into wargaming (ie if I give her the Ogre, she only needs to think about controlling one unit, without getting confused about ZOC’s and crap). If I can get her into this, then I stand a chance of getting something heavier on the table.


Uh, I hate to rain on your parade but it says that they are not doing any foreign orders.
I was initially thinking ‘I paid $10 for the original game’ but then I saw what was included and was totally on board with ordering it.


100 bucks is at the high end for a boardgame (and spectacularly higher than OGRE’s original cost of like 6 bucks), but there are plenty of other boardgames that cost that much or close to it. From what Steve Jackson Games have said, they’re actually lowballing the price because they really wanted to make this edition happen and have Munchkin for their primary cash cow.


They had a different idea of what it would cost to ship internationally when they started this than is actually the case, but can’t give specific figures quite yet because they haven’t nailed down a final weight for the game yet. I fully expect to see international shipping options before the end of the Kickstarter, though they’re likely to be fairly steep. It’s a -big- box.


They are actually, allthough you probably have to pay extra for it (it’s in the FAQ’s).

Nice to see this going so well. I wont join in myself, I simply wont play it often enough to defend this to my wife (or the mailman), but by the looks of it they don’t need my support anyway!


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No link for those not “in the know”?


If you’re OK with getting snarked - this link

If you just want the Kickstarter page - this link


A part of me wants to buy this despite having no wargaming experience, and having nobody to play it with.


Been a long time since I played Ogre but couldn’t you play it solo? I mean a long time. I played the original when it first came out, but only for a few months.


Does the 100 dollar support level cover the shipping in the US?


Combine Ogre with Blood Bowl anyone? :>)


Yeah, but I didn’t know if this was worth the time it takes to open a new tab, go to google, and type “ogre kickstarter” or whatever. Why can’t the OP just have a link to what he’s talking about? I guess my question was more to make a point than to gather actual information.


Point taken…added the url.


Believe so, yes.