To Ogre or not to Ogre!


Nice! Thanks!


Yeah, the interface will take a bit of getting used to, otherwise what scharmers said. My first game was a Marginal Ogre Victory using the good old ‘hug the edge of the map’ cheese. Really close game. Two hexes from the egress and boom. I like it a lot.


I asked for a list of units and got this from a dev.

tomasrawlings [developer] 38 minutes ago
I’ll see if I can do this from memory - it’s late and I’ve been up all day for the release…
Ogre Mk.1
Ogre Mk 3
Ogre Mk 5
Light Tank
Heavy Tank
Super Heavy Tank
GEVs (for course!)
Missile Tank
Command Post
Mobile CP
Mobile Howitzer

Note there are factions too - so many of the units differ in design between factions.

Hope that helps

Thanks (have I missed any?)

Edit: Anyone turn off the die rolls right away?


Die rolls used to make me want to throw my C=64 through the window with Origin’s OGRE back in the day. I even wrote Origin a nasty missive (never sent) that stated, in no uncertain terms, that the Ogre in that game was a cheating whore when it came to die rolls :)

For such a dedicated grognard, I’ve always been shit with long streaks of bad rolls.


Hmmm. Played my first game as an Ogre MkIII, and I facerolled the defenders. AI needs to learn how to knock out that first set of treads to get MP to 2 faster… or it had some really bad rolls. I’ll try again later.


It looks like Ogre II, IV and VI are available in custom scenarios.


Das Tactic doing a live of the game right now:


Yikes, looks buggy with a really bad UI. Hard to figure out what was going on.


Do backers get the game - I cannot remember and never received a key etc.


Per earlier in the thread, nope. Which is too bad.


I don’t know, man, to me it looks like the person playing is drunk or something, clicking next phase instead of firing ;)

Yes, the UI could do with confirmation for ending the turn if stuff is left to do and without the cutting to the overrun screen, but without having played the boardgame in along while it all felt pretty easy to understand.

It’s not pretty and a little cumbersome, but it feels usable enough. Honestly I feared worse.


The UI is functional. There are a few places where it could be streamlined (like more RMB to “back out” of menus), but it’s fine. It’s also fine if you consider that the chances of this being ported to tablets is like 99.9%.


Wow I did not know that. Bummer.

Is it any good?


There’s a thread on Qt3 discussing it


Any further thoughts now that you’ve beaten the campaign?


There’s a campaign? OGRE, to me, is pretty much like a 4X: there might be something called a “campaign” in there, but I won’t play it. Ye olde games of classic MkIII/MkV vs. the defense and Atrocity are enough for me.

Right now I’m on such game overload (not helped by the fact I’m spending my time grinding away in a couple of games I should give up on)…


The Paneuropeans live!


And they will surely fail as well. This, on the other hand…


Computer OGRE updated to 1.5.3 today.

Biggest for me is the addition of GEV maps and scenarios, single player right now only though. Wonder how well the AI plays a Raid/Atrocity scenario.

Oh yeah you Mac users can play it now.