To Ogre or not to Ogre!


Btw, what you see is just the base kickstarter. I did but any of the extra units. So once im done there will be several empty spaces in the ogre garage.


I want to buy this. Just to look at it. To bear witness to this marvel with my own eyes.


It’s… Beautiful.


Now that I have seen this being delivered, WHERE IS CAR WARS STEVE?!


Will be interesting to see if that happens. If it does I expect it to be quite different to the Ogre KS. SJ has mentioned several times during the updates that this edition of Ogre is mostly a love project and he is barely turning a profit. What they have done is pretty incredible though, even if it is a little late! ;)


I wish they’d done Car Wars first while they were still feeling charitable.


As much as i would like to see car wars, i think this order is better. Steve and co. Learned a lot about the kickstarter and large production process, and i think it will better for it.


Until the new SEC regulations kick in and kill kickstarter dead.


For those getting the game, carry it carefully. I’ve been moving my copy from my office to the living room to work on it while watching TV. I’ve discovered this morning that I have injured my back.


Every time I get an email, I’m hoping it’s a shipping notice.


Hey, I still have my"I Made Steve Jackson Work On Car Wars" t-shirt. So I think it may… aw fuck it. At least I got a T-shirt.


On the other hand, they’ve essentially opened up a new market for OGRE product that -could- be profitable, and this version of OGRE was always basically a “hey, Munchkin means we’re rolling in the money so let’s float a passion project” affair. I dunno. We’ll see. There will almost certainly -be- a Car Wars KS - that was the $700k stretch goal and it was reached and then some - but whether it will be a giant everything-ever-in-one-box-wall-of-cardboard like OGRE, who knows? And if so, it could well be pricier or otherwise specced out differently. At least this should help them do better preplanning and project design.


With all the production on the Giant Sized OGRE they could always do a reprint since everything is sized (if there was a demand). Of course it might cost too much.


While this was a labor of love, at least it established that they have enough fans who would spend that amount of money to see the project through which is pretty much what KS is great for.

I can’t wait for the Car Wars KS to start - I will pay (almost) anything!


Are there pictures of this while thing assembled on the board floating around? I’d like to see what it looks like all assembled.

Is this basically a big papercraft set? It looks awesome.


I haven’t seen any of it fully assembled yet, but there is this pick from an update in April, if you can see it.




I am thinking of keeping the shipping box in case I need to transport the game anywhere. I will probably put my copy of OGRE back in the shipping container and use my luggage dolly to wheel it around.

No hernias for me!


I would definitely keep the outer box.

Mine has not come yet. Got to see someone else’s copy though, and my name is in the fine print around the box.


I am on the road, hoping that it may be at the house when I get home.