To Ogre or not to Ogre!


Man.. I still don't have a shipping notice. <sob>


They specifically said the central US are being shipped to last. Don't ask me why. (I'm Minnesotan, so I feel your pain.)


Well I'm on the west coast and I still don't have a shipping notice. Bummer.


I never got one... the box just showed up.

Seattle, WA


Well, basically the update page says wait till Nov 10 to inquire, so have to wait. They are now sending 300/day.



Hey, wait a minute....




When I was young we had to actually fill up our OGREs with gasoline.......none of this Nuclear power, no sir!

And to play the game we had to use a magnifying glass to see the pieces none of that chipboard back in the olden days.....

And the dice we used sugar cubes and had to paint the dots on ourselves and make sure the dog didn't eat 'em. Wasn't easy like you youngens have it today!


Wow, I got home from my business trip and the game is here!

Would be cool if someone did a "speeded up" video of putting everything together.


Don't forget the yakety sax!


Will there be a way to get a copy of this for those of us who missed out on the KS?


Yeah I imagine it will hit retail fairly soon. They're not going to go through all that just for a Kickstarter. Still awaiting my copy...

FYI, Steve Jackson's house was, as described, a "total loss" by the flooding in Austin on Wednesday night.

--- Alan


That's awful. I hope his insurance helps.


I stand corrected; just got my tracking number from Fedex for Ogre. Expected arrival at work on Wednesday.

--- Alan


Just got my shipping notice as well, no expected delivery date though. Sometime next week?


My solution is to have friends who own sets and throw game days.


I don't think so- it was always presented as a heavily subsidized labor of love.




SJG were taking pre-orders for it during Origins this summer.


You won't get all the KS extras is the main thing.