To Ogre or not to Ogre!


Well crap, I thought I got this shipped to work, but I guess it went home instead. Now I have to worry about some dude stealing it from the front door. Considering the number of car-break-ins (including twice for me in a one-month span) that takes place along the streets around here, that's actually a worrisome possibility.

--- Alan


Actually that was what I was what I meant, pretty much. Otherwise I really did enjoy it. Honestly I'd be surprised to hear that the AI didn't cheat, considering the system constraints and the fact that it was supposed to be a super-smart AI tank.


Woot! Got mine today, and this thing is a beast! Almost afraid to open it.


iPhone 4 added for size comparison. Some extras are shrinkwrapped to the bottom of the box. Extra maps and counters I think; it's been so long I have no recollection of what I got.

--- Alan


Just to follow-up, those are actually the countersheets strapped to the underneath. They are too big and bulky to fit inside the box, which is mostly just for the four countertrays and the mounted map sections.

--- Alan


Seattle area folks, there is going to be an OGRE-fest at Gamma Ray Lounge on Sunday afternoon (11/24). Come on out! Should be at least three copies of OGRE there (including mine), which is enough for at least 15 concurrent games.

The Raygun Lounge
501 E. Pine Street
Seattle, WA 98122


O.O I think this is about 4 blocks from my house.....


You will still get a hernia if you decide to take your copy there!



Hooray, finally got my shipping notice for this.


I wonder how long they will wait for the Car Wars kickstarter (once all the boxes are finally shipped or maybe all this work will make them change their mind)? ;)


BTW, is anyone going to attempt to adding foam to the bottom of their trays? They had a video about it to make it stronger. Some people did tell me they had some cracking in the bottom most tray and were considering the procedure.


I don't even have all of the pieces in mine punched out yet. The Ogres and other 3D buildings are taken care of with no problems, but man, there is like an endless parade of terrain hexes and stuff :0


I finally got my notice today. It's on the truck!


I would love to see the whole board/game all set up. I'm wondering what all is in that huge box and where it all goes.


Finally got mine.... I have absolutely no idea where I can store it.


I got mine a couple of days ago. 7 days to get from Austin, Texas to Perth, Australia. That’s pretty damn good.

It’s friggin’ massive. Did not think it was that big in the outer packaging, just kind of looked like a largish 27" monitor box. Got it out of that then realised that is really quite ginormous for a boardgame!! And I ordered additional map packs and counter sheets!

This is all I have until I can find some time to assemble. Next to my 77ish edition for comparison:


That's not 1977ish, since the map is color. My 1978 3rd edition still has the brown-and-white map. That's probably the 1982 combined edition.


Mine came. I had ordered extra dice I do not see. Did anyone get their extra stuff with the package?


It is hard to know if one got everything amongst all the pieces in there.

I am using the dice sections in the bottom tray to store some of the pieces so I am glad I did not order the dice.


Yeah, I got mine. The extra stuff was in a second shipping package though. Check your shipping notes and see it you were supposed to get one or two packages.

That said, I am pretty sure I don't have the 'Read this first' sheet that should be in the main box.