To Ogre or not to Ogre!


The Read this first sheet was outside the box wrapped to the main box itself (it was on the bottom of the box with a bunch of the punch out counters as I recall).


I got the READ ME FIRST on the outside as well. Only one package on the Fed Ex Weigh bill.


Oh, on the back of the A3 sized backing sheet!



Yay, finally got my copy. I’d asked them not to put a signature requirement on it because I can’t be home to sign for packages and since I don’t drive picking packages up is a huge hassle and fuck trying to get OGRE home on the bus (although, to be fair, it’s easier than I thought - I was expecting to have to go to FedEx’s shipping facility in bumfuck nowhere but you can actually have them hold it at a FedEx Office location, and there’s one of -those- pretty convenient to me, if I drove. 24 hr, too.), but they did anyway, necessitating that whole rigamarole. I got a friend to give me a ride, and then…

“I think I see it. It’s that big package marked OGRE Designer’s Edition behind you.” “Huh. That doesn’t have your name on it.” “Really? I’d have sworn there wouldn’t be any others here. Oh hey, there’s another one behind that.” “Nope, not that one either.” “Hmm. Whoa, looks like there’s another one in the other package locker.” “Nope, that one doesn’t have your name on it either.” “…there’s another one behind that.” “Nope. I guess I’m going to have to check your tracking number. Hey, boss, what does this mean? Has it not arrived yet or…?” “I got a call today saying you guys had it.” “Huh. Okay, hmmm…oh! It’s this one turned to the side.”

Seriously, they had five copies of OGRE in their storage lockers, maybe more. Like, 70% of their total package storage was OGRE. <boggle>


“OGRE brings shipping giant FedEx to it’s knees!”: film at eleven.


To be fair, we’re talking FedEx Office (i.e. what used to be Kinko’s, specializing mostly in copying, printing, and similar office operations), not a dedicated FedEx shipping facility.


I had to pick mine up from the former Kinko’s also. Stupid direct signature requirement. Started assembling ogre models last night. So great.


Such ogre.


My kids would stop by as built the Ogres and ask what is that?

My response:

A blue ogre

And that one?

A fat ogre

And that one?

A stumpy ogre

And that weird looking one?

An ogre with arms!

It doesn’t get better than that!


Got mine last week - did the whole ex-Kinkos thing too. My wife and kids helped me punch out and assemble everything over a multi-hour period.

A couple days later I convinced my 12-year-old daughter to play a game and she managed to crush my puny forces beneath the mighty treads of her cybernetic death-tank! She would have enjoyed herself regardless, but I have to say that all the little extras made it special for her:

[ul][li]I made a big show of us matching our forces with the appropriate lapel pins.
[li]I made sure that she was using the appropriately-colored die when/if she rolled.
[li]We used the Ogre War-room app on a handy iPad for calculating the odds and (mostly) for rolling the dice, though I made a point of showing her the matrix and having us calculate the odds a few times since her class just did a unit on ratio math… Ogre nuclear missile impacts: fun [I]and[/I] educational!

Pretty soon I will have to move the Great Honking Box out of the family room and find a home for it downstairs somewhere. SWMBO is starting to look at it askance.


there was nothing on the shipping notice (only said 1 package). But about 3 days later I received another package from SJG, and in it: a T-shirt. This makes sense though as the original extra order was a T, and then it was switched to the dice. I like the T, and will let things be as they are.

Regarding the “Sponsor Sheets”. I pre ordered some, has anyone gotten theirs?


Ah, I dug deep and found something from this closed thread:

(These sheets were shipped with the $4.5K backers’ games, and so should be arriving soonish. If any pre-orders are shipped before mid-December, I’ll be impressed.)


If anyone is interested, the BGG backer sheets are in their store. I have also had the Nihon set delivered.


That’s good, because when I opened up my copy I was thinking man if there’s anything I need now it’s a few more counter sheets.

Placing my order now…


I do not think my fingers could take any more punching out pieces!


Just ordered a copy of this from Warehouse 23 as a Christmas present for myself. I actually originally ordered it a couple of days ago, but they had some sort of mess up in their order processing system. They didn’t charge my credit card so no harm no foul. A few emails exchanged with a nice fellow named Darryll from SJGames and my order has been fixed and they’re going to try to ship it out either today or tomorrow! I have never been so excited to punch out counter sheets.


I am trying to find a place for the game to live in my house - and it will probably end up in my office. However, it is sitting on its side rather than laying down flat.

does anyone thin that would warp the pieces?


I don’t know where to post this.

Imagine this, but weaponized.


Wow! I think this was the right thread!


Latest news:

Ogre Computer Game

As you read here recently, we’ve contracted Auroch for this project. Based on their past work, you will really like the game they build. In the next update we will share some very preliminary visualizations from their first few days of work. There will be more soon.

Status: Contracted at last, and expected in late 2017.