To Ogre or not to Ogre!


Yeah,the one thing I would say about that is that if you agree, you really gotta give it a shot. Which can be more drudgery than you think. Which is why I deleted the email. I can’t commit to something like that, and doing it without a commitment is unfair to the team.

That said, I’ll bet they take beta testers with the assumption that 60% of them won’t pan out. I’ll bet they get 95% of their useful feedback from 1% of their playtesters.


That’s a valid point, I don’t really know what kind of time commitment they’ll be looking for. I like the idea of being involved and putting my two cents right out there for the developers to likely ignore, but I would have to work around a whole lot of other stuff in life. Which is probably why I didn’t immediately respond when I got the email.


If anyone else is waiting for their Ogre miniatures, kind of a funny update email today - they loaded the container in China, but then the ship left without it. But they say it will ship out this week, and delivery times hopefully aren’t affected (arrive in October, shipping to customers first of November).


Gives me that much longer to buy the paint.


I love the way the painted miniatures look but everything I’ve tried to paint myself has ended up a huge mess. So naked ogres for me, I’m thinking.


Ok, game will be out October 5th!

But what is with this?

All those are completely content-less quotes…


All aboard the hype train! :)


October 5!? But that’s …


next week!



Looking forward to impressions


Oh crap, it’s the 5th! How could I forget!

Edit: woot!



Looking forward to picking this up.


Ogreing BRB.


Busy at work nau, no gevjockeying for mes

saddest cat


I thought the game was meant to be part of the Kickstarter rewards but I guess not? unless I just didn’t get a code for some reason.

I honestly can’t see buying it but I would have enjoyed fiddling with it for free. :/


The creation of the computer game itself was a stretch goal of the board game, but copies weren’t given away to the best of my knowledge.


Yeah, some of the stretch goals were the creation (but not giveaway) of an OGRE computer game, and the restarted development of the Cars Wars line.


I feel like stretch goals should have some impact for the backers of that campaign, but it was 2012 and these things hadn’t really been established yet.


If you click on campaign and get a paragraph of lorem ipsum delete and reinstall.


Does it have GEV as well? I was never really that keen on the “big thing versus small things” thing but I LOVED GEV where it was army vs army.