To Ogre or not to Ogre!


I think a lot of people upped their pledge late in the game once the extras list stabilized and they knew exactly what they wanted. I sure did. (Totalled $154, but the 54 bucks were extra dice and counter sheets. I don’t need swag, but being able to carpet the entire map with units if I want has a certain appeal.)


Reading that SJG 2011 stakeholder’s report makes me really look forward to their 2012 stakeholder’s report. Gonna be a lot different :-)

malkav, we all get three extra frickin’ counter sheets already, I’m not expecting any troubles in the map-carpeting department!


More than that. Remember, there was a tier that added an extra sheet to every Kickstarter copy, and five people (/groups) backed at that level. Me, I snagged the $40 extra to have a second copy of every sheet in the box. :)


Anyone know how find your Kickstarter payments to a project? They must be recorded somewhere but I cannot find them.


I got an email confirming my credit card being charged. I would assume that it will be on my next statement. Is that what you meant?


Thanks to you and 5511 other backers, Ogre Designer’s Edition has been successfully funded. Amazon will now charge your credit card.

Pledge Summary
Amount pledged: $25.00
Reward: PLEASE NOTE that the Car Wars T-shirt is not a part of any other rewards, regardless of any previous “everything listed above” notes. Clearly we need to publish an update that is NOTHING but the spelled-out lists of what is available at what level. Thanks for your patience. Car Wars Supporter Level. You get the multicolored shirt that says “I Made Steve Jackson Work On Car Wars.” And, of course, access to the private forum if we hit the stretch goal! US only, please - but see $30.
Est. Delivery: Aug 2012

When your reward is ready, Steve Jackson Games will send you a survey via email to request any info needed to deliver your reward (mailing address, T-shirt size, etc).

If you’d like to visit the project page, click here:


I thought I would be able to log onto my Amazon account and see my payments to the various Kickstarter projects I have supported. Cannot find them listed anywhere which surprises me since Amazon is usually well organized. Thought there would be a pointer under my account details.

My computer is in the shop so I have not gotten my emails like usual and having a bit of a problem getting my email through the web interface on my iPad.

Thanks for asking!


Check your Backer History on Kickstarter.



When are they planning to do the survey?


Shipping date is finalized:

I am thinking that not only will the game not fit on a shelf but will it fit on the floor of a standard closet?

Might have to stand it up on a side to fit it in somewhere.


You know, I remember playing this cheap little Atlantic U-Boat miniatures wargame when I was a kid that monopolized my whole kitchen floor, and probably would have been better off played on like the gymnasium floor at school. And god bless the massive Car Wars arenas I set up. But this is the first time I’ve ever seen a hex map wargame eat so much space. Wow.


It’s glorious, isn’t it! :)


That really blows away the pocket edition of the game I have :(


Can’t wait to drive down to SJG and pick it up!


Tide of Iron in an OGRE box. Woah!


What have I done.


Actually, I wonder how many other games can fit in the ogre box?


I saw the Ogre box at Origins this year, it is nearly coffee table sized. And weighs more than my coffee table.


What does it take to build and prepare OGRE for shipping?

7 minute China factory tour.


I wondering if we will need a picture with your Ogre Box thread?

Or maybe a pic of where one stores it?

Or a contest to see who can hide it in their house (for those who forgot to mention to their spouse that they need an entire closet for a game) :D


No way I can hide that from my wife. Luckily I can tell her it is not costing anything, because I paid for it 18 months ago… That makes sense, right?