To Ogre or not to Ogre!


Yes, I bought the game when I was younger and now it is collectible, I think that works. :)


This is what I’m going with. Nice.


The game should start shipping at the end of the month!

Anyone excited?

I still have no idea where to store this thing.

One person stated it took him 4 - 5 hours to put everything together ;)


I worked on mine for four hours last night while watching my monday night TV shows. I’ve still got at least four flats of units and six flats of Ogres to assemble. :)


Will this thing fit in a standard closet?

Do your fingers hurt yet from putting the pieces together? :)


No pics?


Yeah, no kidding :) There’s gonna be a couple pics from me at least, when I get the thing.


I’m really looking forward to getting this. And it’s not just to play it- I really enjoy assembling board game stuff. Sounds like they started shipping yesterday, yay.


Uhh… That’s one thing I’ve never mastered. Posting pics here on the message board. I’ve only had two taken so far. Hold on, lemme see what I can do.

Bottom Tray after some punching: (bad pic from my ipad2)
All the flats before punching: (Again, my ipad)

I’ll post more pictures tonight with a better camera.


“This set includes more than a thousand counters”

That noise you hear are old SPI grognards crying together in joy


Yeah, the way the ogres are laid out, you don’t want to punch out the whole flat then assemble. You want to punch out an ogre, assemble it, then punch another one. :)


Dreamshadow- did you pick up your copy from one of the parties? How was it?


I didn’t go. I was going to but then life got in the way. A friend of mine from the area went and got permission to pick up my copy too.


Joy! Joy!



While I am very happy for those of you that could afford the boxed game, I’m still waiting for the PC version. So I sit here, in sadness, and wait.


Theres an average video of putting together the mk iii.


My flickr set.


Every time I think of why I didn’t kickstart this I want to punch myself in the face. Stoopid, stooupid idioork!



All around the world, board gamers who like fiddly bits are now peeing themselves.


What have I done.