To Starforce, or not to Starforce, that is the question

No matter how bad I want it, I don’t buy ANY game that has Starforce protection. It’s worse than the old copy protection for the Commodore 64 where it created bad sectors on the disk and practically shook the disk drives to death! Starforce and the people that create it can go straight to hell!

I have no idea- it’s possible it is always coincidence, or that it stresses them somehow, revealing a flaw in the drive that wouldnt have normally shown up until months had gone by? I did read something about it somehow screwing w/ a specific LG drive model’s firmware by accident somehow but I cant find the statement anymore (it was on their forum and this was awhile ago)

sounded insane to me, I dont think it affects firmware.

my drive was pretty new, but I toss most warrnty crap as the pain of getting good service from any company other than nintendo for any electronic item is not something I will put up with (I’m not willing to a.)go without hardware for more thna a couple days or b.) pay or arrange for shipping) so I didn’t send it in to see if it was fixable under warranty.