To tatoo or not tatoo!

What do you people think?

Is it a good idea to get your child’s name (or some kind of symbol with the meaning of the name) tatooed?

They can’t divorce you. :D

I’d give a lot of thought to getting a tattoo, if I were you. Will you want that on your body all the time? Will the kid appreciate it or be embarrassed by it? I have two (not related to any person), of which I’m happy to live with permanently.

It’s not a question of getting a tatoo or not. I already have 4 which I’m perfectly happy with.

That’s more what I want your opinion about.

If you did, it would have to be cool, somethnig other than just the name. Or you could try and guess his life long nickname.

Uh, you mean on you, right?

I work in a tattoo parlor during the summer and dwmake sure you know what you want. It’s amazing… most people give more thought to picking out a stove then to getting a tattoo. I’ve seen people get the most god aweful tattoos on their bodies.

And… don’t get a tat on your neck. We have people come in all day that have tattoo’s on their necks and all I have to say is… Who’s going to hire you jackass. If your a rock star or tattoo artist then I guess it’s acceptable, but for the 98% of the rest of the population your fucked out of ever acquiring a good job.

Uh, you mean on you, right?[/quote]

No, on the kid no doubt. It’s so much easier to tell them apart with their names tatooed with big black letters (I suggest Arial 16, bold) across their forehead. :wink:

I bet some teachers and substitutes will be grateful. The kid might not be…


That’s more what I want your opinion about.[/quote]

Be prepared to be shunned during his/her teen years for sure.


That’s more what I want your opinion about.[/quote]

Be prepared to be shunned during his/her teen years for sure.[/quote]

Like that’s not going to happen anyway.


I was debating about getting my kid’s initials done right above a 4-leaf clover I have on my shoulder. Initials are a good way to say I love you, but you can tell other people it stands for whatever the hell you want. You can even make up some mysterious story for each person who asks.

Thats pretty cool.

That’s what I do. I have LICK on the knuckles of my right hand and LACK on the knuckles of my right. It’s especially fun in meetings at work–a real conversation starter. :)

Okay, this is the level of personal disclosure that might make some people uncomfortable, but I have a frickin’ rose tattooed on my right shoulder blade. It’s got blood dripping off it, so it’s all, you know, manly and stuff. But you can’t really see the blood drips any more, so it just looks like a girly flower.

I got it when I was twenty years old, in Amsterdam, and filled with all sorts of stupid ideas about what was cool (not to mention various chemicals). Sometimes I feel pretty silly about it, but mostly I don’t even think about it because it’s on my back and I can’t see it.


I wonder what kind of tattoos Cleve has?

steps back to let feeding frenzy begin

Not as silly as Mike Tyson will in a few years.

Red dragon tattoo
Is just about on me
I got it for you
So now do you want me?

I think tattoos are a pretty bad idea, actually. Personally, I can’t imagine something I’d want on my body for life (since laser removal just makes it look like more of a mistake). Also, unlike little Mike Tyson, I don’t have enough room on my bicep to get a tattoo of Arthur Ashe or Mao Tse-tung… :D

So yeah, my advice: no. :D

BTW, I think we need a Photoshop of Tom, showing his manly tattoo and beret…

I was talking about the tattoo he got on his face

Like that’s not going to happen anyway.


It’s not like I have to flash the tatoo in every single embarassing moment right in front of my teenage daughter and her friends/boyfriends. It’s also highly possible that we will get more kids, and then more tatoos for me.

My problem is that I’m not sure whether to do it or not. My wife and some of my friends think it is a good idea. Some of my friends don’t. Here are a couple of thoughts on the subject:

  1. She will hate me for it in her teenage years.

(Your’re right Troy, she probably will anyway, although I’m hoping she will hate her mother instead ;)). Maybe I’ll tatoo a sign, and not tell her what it means until she’s older.

  1. I like tatoos, and will get more anyway. It’s nicer when they have some kind of meaning.

  2. It’s a nice gesture of affection towards your kids.

  3. If I do this, I take away some of her opportunity to tatoo it on her own body later. I guess she wouldn’t want to have the same tatoo as her dad.

  4. My wife wants me to do it.

  5. If we get 7 kids I’m in for a lot of tatoos…

So. Any more advice?

Not as silly as Mike Tyson will in a few years.[/quote]

Did anyone else get the mental picture of Tom Chick feeling pretty silly about Mike Tyson being on his back? I must be watching too many prison movies.