To those who have lost the faith:

No game captures my attention anymore. To those who have lost the faith in the past, what game renewed your spirit?

EQ2! or WoW!

Have you played RE4, Civ IV and Shadow of the Colossus?


Also, Monkey Lander.

Nintendogs, Crusader Kings and Pirates! remake.

Nintendogs because its wonderful and breaks the rules. Proof that innovation counts not technology.

Crusader Kings (back on deck because of new patch) because its unashamedly deep and complex and doesnt give a hoot what anybody thinks of that.

Pirates because… well its just easy to play fun.

My problem is that no game except WoW captures my attention, and I’m off WoW for personal sanity reasons. I just mucked around with the FATE demo and it seems promising. Maybe I will buy it and use it to tide me over 'till Oblivion.

I didn’t understand Crusader Kings. I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing…

Jedi Knight II.

My younger son was 4, and my time was returning more to my control in terms of work as well as the rest of life. Sure there was RtCW and MoHAA, but it was JKII that really did it … and four years later I’ve only broadened my scope.


That’s because its unashamedly deep and complex and doesnt give a hoot what you think of that.

That’s kind of the problem with it. But also why I love it so much.

CK is a sandbox strategy game. You marry your sons and daughters off to neighboring nobles, occasionally claim a title or two, and then try to turn your duchy into a kingdom or your kingdom into the dominant force on the continent.

Of course, then the Mongols show up and spoil everything.

I think CK works best a game of short-term planning. You often have to work with the clay you have. A not-too bright monarch with a thin stable of support staff will have to rely on his nobles to run duchies and counties. A smarter guy can be more ambitious.

Try CK purely as a roleplaying game. Get married, have kids, try not to get killed. I like raising my kids to be real brats and then exiling them when they kill the help.


These are some of the worst suggestions anyone could possibly have made. Generic FPS? Generic strategy game? Generic MMO? Generic RPG? Out of the current list. only Nintendogs is the kind of thing that would appeal to someone tiring of the entire hobby.

I say go with Katamari Damacy and its sequel. Pure joy in digital form. And they put every other game in this thread to shame.

Monkey Ball!

Thanks for telling us our taste sucks, but perhaps you should have read the fucking question before hopping on your +2 mount ;)

He asked what brought US back, and sortof like a ‘what music makes you happy when you’re sad’ list, it is entirely subjective to what happened to capture your imagination in a way that made a conduit back into gaming.


I’d gotten disillusioned with console RPGs a few years ago. My gaming time had gotten much more limited, and they just didn’t seem to be worth sinking hours and hours into.

Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne showed me that it wasn’t that I’d gotten bored with JRPGs. It was that the JRPGs I’d been playing had gotten boring. Dragon Quest 8 had a sort of “echo” effect to that. Both of them were games that I was willing to sink lots of my valuable time into.

Mount & Blade! And especially the revamped arena mod (4 groups of 6!)

Yeah, I didn’t mean to make it look like I thought CK was the cure for the gaming doldrums. It really isn’t since it needs some investment of time and attention. What Dirt needs is something that grabs him by the hair and says “Look at me!”

Having never been at a loss for finding something to amuse me, I cannot help here.


Battle for Middle Earth (the first one, though it goes for the second as well) gave me some of the best ‘this is awesome!’ moments I’ve had in quite a while.

It’s by no means the best RTS out there IMO, but it has really high production values, and between that and a really cool license, I found myself swept up from time to time in the epic feel of what was going on.

The battle for Helm’s Deep mission specifically made me murmer to myself ‘damn, this is awesome’ at least a couple of times.

No, they don’t, having played both KD and its sequel and other games listed.

I don’t consider “generic” to be a meaningful condemnation of a videogame. Many of the best videogames I have ever played have been “generic” in the sense that they belonged squarely within a pre-established genre and exemplified it. (WoW, Half Life, Baldur’s Gate 2, Unreal Tournament, Age of Empires 2, to name a few.) If by “generic” you meant uninspired or dull in execution, then many of the games listed in this thread don’t qualify IMO.

Dawn of War and WoW did the job for me. Then EVE (again).

Eve Online. Just be prepared to spend a little time getting use to it. The learning curve is fairly steep though once you get into it you’ll be fine. It’s not your standard MMO so if you want EQ2 in a spaceship…uh…it might not be for you. There’s a 14 day trial out… oh and if you’re good eventually you could be flying one of these .Linked for HUGE .Those really big ships you see? Yeah, they’re not the biggest in the game…there’s another image but I can’t find it.