TOAW 3 available at Matrix

For any wargamers, the updated and packaged "The Operational Art of War #3 is now available from

Nice, but wasn’t this basically just a “hey, this works in Windows XP now!” update? Not sure that would really merit a jump from II to III…

They overhauled the AI (supposedly), updated the graphics, and added 130 scenarios.


Initial observations (re the AI) over on war-historical are very positive…

I don’t know about this one. I really dig TOAW but Century of Warfare seems to work just fine in XP. Not sure I see a pressing need to upgrade.

Didn’t it just come out today? How could they possibly have evaluated the AI by now?

I think it came out yesterday, and some of the hard core have already tested a few scenarios. One of those guys, who’s opinion I trust, is the one that gave favorable initial impressions.

It’s direct download. Someone could’ve been playing all day for all we know.

$40 is a little steep. I’m probably going to get it eventually, though.

I had mine yesterday afternoon.

Just played the Korean War 50-51 scenario. Yeah, the AI is better. In the last version I could extract like 3 divisions from the 38th parallel — in TOAW3, I think I got 1 regiment, which made the Pusan perimeter actually hard to hold – they broke through a couple times, only to be contained by just arrived reinforcments. In the last version, I could have plenty of time to form the line.

Great, I was hoping it would work that way<g>. BTW, there is a patch that should come out tonight that you should apply, units aren’t reconstituting, which is important for that scenario.

I’ve got this now, so if you all are looking for a highly competent PBEM opponent, get in touch with me.

roboczar at gmail dot com

How are the logistics? Did they fix the problem where any rail line provides high levels of supply even if it’s cut off from the supply sources? When I had air superiority over stalingrad and had the pocket completely locked down but the germans were still at full supply, I kinda gave up on the game.

Which scenario? It was probably a scenario design issue. I haven’t heard of any complaints that supply wasn’t working as designed. Some of the scenarios that shipped with COW were questionable. We’re including 130 of the better ones that were pulled from internet sites.

‘Elmer’ the PO should play better too.

Ralph Trickey
TOAW III Programmer.

I’ll probably plunk down for it eventually. CoW was only available over here in the UK via mail order from France and the cost including postage put me off as I already owned 1 and 2.

I’m tempted but I’m not a fan of Matrix’ pricing decisions. Too many old games with minor improvements that they want to charge full price or more for.

Already applied, and noticed that problem. Poor North Koreans. :)

Hey, are there plans to make the naval rules better? I just played the modern Aegan scenario, and it’s just so painful to move ships. I also noticed ground units retreating from naval bombardment attacks. Is that supposed to happen?

It’s a scenario design issue. The scenario in question probably had an extremely high supply radius. Also remember that even though you ‘own’ a hex on the map, if it’s not in the zone of control of one of your units, your enemy can trace supply through it. Just running a unit around the map in a circle to capture hexes isn’t enough to stop supply from coming through.

Most Stalingrad scenarios also have a supply point in the pocket that goes away depending on an event, or just has extremely low levels of supply.

In any case, if you cut a rail line in TOAW and properly cut off supply, the units cut off will degrade, as long as there isn’t some supply point you didn’t notice. Depending on the time scale of the scenario, it can take a very, VERY long time to see any kind of supply effects. The most marked changes are seen in timescales of half a week or more per turn.

I should hope so. They didn’t in TOAW and it made modern amphibious landings extremely painful.