Today’s Haiku


I know we have some afficianados around here. Remember Rich writing some about avians :).

I like them as a form of communication that makes me more succinct, plus they are word play and puzzle-like. Or cryptic. I write them also related to sobriety and share them at meetings.

So play along if you’d like, I’ll just drop one from time to time.

Today’s Theme for me - Nuclear, I Mean Midwestern, Winter.

Too far from the sun …
Speed on in this dark orbit.
Winter has begun.


Sunlit pine needles
Whirring blades are a chorus
A drop falls to earth


Shivering, bared teeth
Ears are back, tail is down low
Crazed Chihuahua eyes


I think I wrote this haiku in middle school, but still one of my favorite’s out of the ones I have written (which is kind of sad as it tells you how often I write haikus.)

Time ticking away
The hands of the clock moving
Pointing to what next?


Arthur. We must go
A forum somewhere needs me
And I shall cry, Spoon!


Thank you Rich and Master Tick for your contributions! Seeing as it is Haiku Friday and I write one or more for my AA lead let us see what the purple pen hath writ. In the purple notebook I see this …

Shutters, cogs and valves.
These are my machinery.
Mine eyes, mind and heart.


Ice melts to water
Drips on stone warmed by the sun


Rich, is that a cocktail haiku?


Not until 6PM. :) It describes the three forms of water on Earth. And how they can exist simultaneously in certain cases.


My PhD grandpa, for whom I am named, is rolling around in his grave now like a dervish, bushy eyebrows raised.


For those of you who like seeing your name in print: – in a Japanese newspaper, no less.

He’s published 4 of mine so far in the From The Notebook section.


alexa is watching

face-slurping humans
horrifying meat monsters
ugh kissing again


Breath so horrible.
Did she eat her poop again?
Crazy Chihuahua!


Ha! Love it.


Booming Cherry Isle
You absent, heaven be spelt
As Kagoshima


A fluffy cat lies
Disheveled in my kitchen
She wants tuna fish



And I shall cry, Spoon!
The Mightiest Battle Cry
While the moon says CHA.


Sitting on the can.
Will I never leave this place?
Why’d I eat tacos?


A simple one for a slow Saturday morning:

The smell wakes me up
The taste stirs up my senses
Coffee is divine


Airplanes shrink the world
Fifteen hours above the clouds
My buttocks are sore