Today’s Haiku


Elevator’s stuck.
Suspended between two floors.
Jesus.Who farted?


Boy, that girl is hot.
Broke and ugly - too bad
Hello, my right hand.


A correct haiku
Sings of nature and the world
Not masturbation


Today’s haiku based on nature and an experience I just had.

Nothing quite like it.
Dumped, Stall Three. And no TP.
Scat!! Aah, Logical.


Blood dripping upon
A white carpet, drop by drop
Never white again


Crimson blossoming.
Chihuahua licking its chops.


Five pounds of pure death
Large white fangs, no reflection
Undead chihuahua.


Vampire chihuahua
Shivering through the night’s chill
Looking for short prey.


This is now the vampire chihuahua haiku thread. :)


Is Morgan Freeman
The Electric Company’s
Best-loved alumnus?


Morgan Freeman lies
Upon the floor with his dog
Chihuahua death, blood.


Morgan upside down
Ligaments torn, can’t get up
Fifi, baby! Why?


Pint sized terror strikes.
Quicker than a mamba, right …
In the jugular.


Eyes widen both, lo!
madness fills the interwebs
Li’l dog, yip! yip! yip!


What the flipping fuck?
How could I not remember?
Morgan Freeman rocks.


Chihuahua’s last squeak
salsa-stomped by Morgan’s friend
Rita Moreno


But it’s just as well
Better stomped than Bill Cosby’d
Yo no quiero


Baby I

So smooth, babies butt
Perfection yet just began
Diaper full, again!

Baby II

The foul smell of shit
A sure sign of rapid growth
Baby smile, so sweet!

(isnt the game to write these yourself?)