Todd and the book of pure evil

So for some reason the internet failed to mention how fucking excellent this is.

Obviously impossible to avoid comparing to Buffy (or Buffy With Swearing), but I think that’s a bit lazy. The writing style and characters remind me a lot more of (good) Venture Bros, if you can picture Venture Bros subverting Evil Dead rather than comic books and cartoons. And yes maybe also a lot like say season 2 and 3 of Buffy.

I’m only seven episodes into the first season but wholeheartedly second the endorsement. While a little rough, the first and second episodes do properly set up all that follows. The callbacks, the non sequiturs, and the worst (but best characterized) guidance counselor ever portrayed are all just… wow. I feel as if I’ve found Party Down all over again. The writing is exceptional and deliveries so spot on I keep wanting to quote lines at everyone. “But sadly, not one of the smart monkeys.” Very Adult Swim meets Buffy. It could all turn to crap in the future but I’m going to enjoy the ride as long as it lasts.

Season 2 is about 203% better than season 1. I just hope it gets renewed for season 3…

That can’t be possible! It would tear a hole in entertainment reality and leave us only reruns of the animated Laverne & Shirley show. In heavy rotation is a very special ‘lost’ episode featuring Lenny and Squiggy accidentally stealing Squealy, their talking Drill Sergeant piglet.


Seriously, I can’t believe I had to stumble on this show all on my own - I have no idea why this was not some immense nerd event that I would have to begrudgingly check out several years after it was cancelled. I personally found the first couple of episodes to be a bit weak, then 3-4-5 steadily increased in quality up to fucking awesome levels, and from then there wasn’t an episode below those in the entire rest of the run. And yeah, season 2 is even better.

Also, it steadily becomes more confident in terms of how far they’ll push into totally filthy shit. Wolf rape, dude.

I am not a Buffy watcher (it’s on my list), but I did enjoy Todd’s musical episode in Season 2. The backstory about Atticus’s sexual awakening has been alluded to a couple of times, but it’s always a pleasure.

Yeah, I love how “oh right, this character got raped by a wolf” makes its way from random WTF non sequitur, to a humanising callback that is undercut immediately afterwards every single time as a joke, to episode-long rock musical.

What’s the best way for an US resident to watch this?

As of yesterday, season 1 DVD at Amazon for $12. They also have season one HD on demand. No way to see season 2 except stealing it, though, I don’t think.

Holy crap more people need to see this show.

Season 2 is coming out on on April 3. It’s $25, and it looks like shipping to the US will be $10 or so.

Marathoning my way through this on demand from Comcast. A nice mix of Buffy and Friday the 13th: the TV Series, and at times hilariously funny. Love seeing Jason Mewes playing, well, pretty much himself.

Looks like season 2 will be on demand starting Tuesday if Wiki is to be believed.

“anyone want to make a bab-ay?”

Edited to add that the pregnancy episode is the best pregnancy episode of any series ever. Hilarious, nasty, and smart all rolled into one.

It is pretty remarkable how much mileage they get from some of the old staple teen PSA style topics - other than just being free to be a lot gorier than usual I think the freedom to junk pretty much any redemption arc makes it feel a lot fresher. It treads a pretty fine line between being merely nasty and downright mean spirited - really best expressed by that line from mewes of - “You already started reading the evil words, didn’t you? Can you pass me my blood mop?”. Pretty much anyone is fucked by the time they appear on the show’s radar and the scale of how bad things are going to get is measured in litres.

That said - as much as it is nice to see the nasty version of the old morality tales - my personal favorite is “loser generated content” from the back end of season 2, which was really quite a weird and community-esque meta style episode for the show. Definitely one of the more original ideas on what to turn the book into.

4 episodes in and I’m absolutely digging this. Only 2 seasons so far right?

Thank you for reminding me this was back on, but yes, there are currently two seasons, 13 episodes each.

FYI this has been added to Netflix Streaming.

btw, when I was looking up what this show was about I found out it’s been cancelled. I will still check out the first 2 season though.

Damnation this is good.

The writing style and characters remind me a lot more of (good) Venture Bros, if you can picture Venture Bros subverting Evil Dead rather than comic books and cartoons.

Perfectly stated. A big fuck you to convention, people are generally terrible, metal rocks. On to episode two.

Maybe it’s that they are both from Canada but there’s some Kid’s in the Hall vibes in there too I think. The Metal Dudes and Atticus both specifically have that KitH feel to them. Definitely reminded me of the Devil sketches as well as Heccubus from Kid’s at times.

Also, both musical episodes were great.

Totally bummed that it’s canceled. Maybe another network will pick it up. If it weren’t for the fact that it’s canadian, I’d suggest Kickstarter!

I’m about 5 episodes in, and I think of it as either John Dies At The End: The High School Years, or Buffy via Jay and Silent Bob. Neither of which is a bad thing.