Todd McFarlane steals the American McGee playbook

Todd McFarlane Toys is now releasing “Twisted Land of Oz” action figures which interpret the Oz story with “a dark gritty twist.”

Here are some pics:



The rest are here:

At exactly what point does it stop being a ‘twisted’ take on the source material and start being about your own weird-ass fetishes?

Do you feel the ground rumbling? That’s L. Frank Baum rolling in his grave.

Maybe McFarlane will make an action figure to represent that, too.

Alice in Wonderland would have been far more fitting.

The Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion are pretty cool. I really don’t get Toto or Dorothy though.

The Sould Calibur ones are pretty cool too.

I’d buy that one.

And in defense of McGee, at least the Alice in Wonderland figures WERE pretty cool.

Yeah, ok, so I own a couple. Why are you looking at me like that?

Not a big fan of that tinman… Toto’s just ridiculous, but the rest are pretty cool.

Wow, I guess Dorothy got the Wicked Witch’s Magical Gravity Defying Tits when she landed on MacFarlane’s desk.

So much for strapless bras…

I’ll bet she has a fun time explaining those suntan lines!

Just so you know, the “munchkins” have branded Dorothy. You can’t see it in the angle pictured, but that branding iron left a mark on her ass/thigh.

Also, me so horny.

How can that be Dorothy? Those shoes are neither silver nor ruby. They did a bad job.

Just for you, wumpus:

Can’t wait for McFarlane’s take on American McGee’s Vallejo paintings.

Yeah, I agree. Those platform boots should have been covered (or at least accented) in red glitter.

The red shoes were an invention of the MGM movie version (they were silver in the book), so they can’t do red without a license from MGM, which they’re not going to get for an S&M free-jazz riff like dis.

First time I read that sentence I thought you said platform boobs.

Now THAT would be scary!

Grr. Copyrighting is out of control.

The wizard actually isn’t too bad. Ofcourse like any of Todd’s Toys, it couldn’t withstand a fall of a foot.