TOEE, Halo, and Racing Games

A few weeks ago I got the kickass WingMan Formula GP steering wheel. In case you have no idea what I am talking about, its that black wingman steering wheel with the yellow rubber in the inner-steering (or whatever the hell it is called)

The only game that works beatifully with the steering wheel is F1 2002, which I own. But now I feel that I need a new racing game…something more arcadish but at the same time, makes me feel like I am driving a real car. F1 2002 did this, but I want a porche 911 or Ferrari Spider. Midnight club 2 doesn’t count; that game feels like I am driving a box with coat button wheels.

But with Halo coming out and my love for RPGs in TOEE…I am not sure what to go for. Halo, TOEE, or a good racing game that would be perfect for my steering wheel? I can’t spend on all three, being a poor college student.

If you have a steering wheel and want to feel like you’re driving a real car then you absolutely need this…

You can spend the rest of your natural life with that “game” and never get bored. There’s plenty of fun stuff to download for it once you get it too.