TOEE: Will it lead to more games based off modules?

There’s a thread over in the official TOEE forums debating whether or not TOEE’s success will lead to other CRPG’s based off of old P&P modules. Do people want to see their old favorites translated into CRPG games? Is it sort of like a film translation ruining a good book?

There’s a part of me that want’s to see this. Personally, I didn’t play very many D&D modules (I barely played D&D in my youth) so this seems like a great way to experience them… assuming games try to stay as dedicated to the source material as Troika supposedly has. Also, it might cure the rut that D&D CRPG’s have gotten into with the stories. All the ones I’ve played recently (except for Planescape), seem to have a lot in common in the story department.

It’s doubtful that there are that many modules with the name recognition and quality needed to make this a trend.

Tomb of Horrors maybe?

If the game sells well I wouldn’t be surprised to see some old module titles get recycled as game titles, but Temple of Elemental evil was an unique event, even back in the day.

Troika would like to do the Against the Giants/Drow/Lolth super-series (G1-3, D1-3, Q1) if TOEE is successful – I’d love to see that.

That’s true, there are few modules with instant name recognition. I wonder if they would work it into a known franchise in that case. Say Atari decides to hire out Obsidian through Bioware to do a Baldur’s Gate III. I doubt the general public would care if the game didn’t expressly involve the city of Baldur’s Gate. It’s more of a name brand fot D&D games at this point. Maybe lesser known, but high quality, campaigns could get remade that way.

Well, when TTOEE was first published it tied directly into the Against the Giants modules, which in turn led into the Descent in to the Earth modules. I could see them running with those.

Edit: Desslock beat me to it, dammit.

I’d pay $100 for a quality CRPG of the Giants-Drow modules without hesitation.

Alot of the Against the Giants modules were done in IWD, and a lot of the Drow stuff was done in BG2… not to say they can do modules off of them, but I think Bioware/BI did pretty well in getting some of the old school Gygax modules in there BG/IWD games. Now Tomb of Horrors or Shrine of Tomachan or some of the other deathtrap dungeons WOULD be cool in an fps/rpg way imo…


Was the material in IWD and BG2 that directly taken from old modules? Like I said, never played them myself so I don’t really know.

I always felt that the drow stuff in BG2 was just shoehorned in there to add more content to the game. BG2 was fun in a lot of ways, but it felt too sprawling, almost to a fault.

What modules had really great stories (forgetting about could it be done)?

Really? I don’t think so at all. The IWD games hardly felt like the G series of modules, and the drow city in BG2 certainly didn’t convey the massive dungeoneering required to get through the D series. The underdark section of BG2 was disappointingly small, IMO.

Tomb of Horrors would be cool, though Troika would have to fill in the ‘gaps’ quite a bit. A CRPG of just that dungeon alone would be a fairly short game.

The stuff wasn’t taken directly from the modules, they actually had MORE story, but the feel of them reminded me alot of the old modules … especially the Underdark parts of BG2… with flayers, saghuin and Drow. I think the developers really know there old school modules. Even parts of BG2 had themes like the Slavers modules.


I think it probably looks like a good situation for WotC; sort of like a harkening back the gold box days which felt more like modules, and you needed to go 3 games worth of building a party to reach the highest levels.

Are you on crack? :D

Secret of Saltmarsh
Scourage of the Slave Lords
Against the Giants
White Plume Mountain
Decent to the Depths of the Earth
Isle of Dread
and etc…

I’ll have to dig through my modules but thee should be plenty to keep developers busy. Especially if they could do only one ever 18 months. So what, they could two maybe before something changed (engine or whatever).

If they did Tomb of Horrors in true Gygax mode, computer gamers would pitch a fit. Waaaaay too much of the “Fail this saving throw and you die instantly” ethic.

I would personally love to see 3 games to get to the highest levels, and it seems like taking a great module and having talented developers fill in the cracks would make for more, somewhat quickly developed, really solid CRPG’s. If the Troike engine can truly handle the D&D experience, why can’t it be the next IE?

FYI, if you want a great Q1 Queen of the Demonweb Pits experience try the NWN usermade module. It is extremely well done.

I am pretty excited for TOEE though. Turn based gameplay plus great graphics sounds like a good combination to me.

– Xaroc

Ditto on that. A ToEE party would be perfect to start Against the Giants after finishing with Zugtmoy (sp?).

I’d love to see any of them. More TB CRPGs please.


runesword forger is right–Tomb of Horrors would be insanity-inducing as a CRPG. The Slave Lords series would be great, though.

Seems like with an engine in place (the TRoika engine) and a 20 month development cycle, you might be able to pump them out for a reasonable cost, making the need to be a blockbuster less important. Maybe the hard core community might be enough to support such a line of games. I remember playing tomb of horrors for a short bit, that seems like a cool adventure.

As someone above stated:

The Slave Lords series
Against the Giants/Underdark
DRAGONLANCE!!! - Money in the bank here

Also the gold box gems like Pool of Radiance and Curse of the Azure Bonds.