Toga... Toga.. Toga]

So who’s getting the dvd? I know I am.

btw… what are your favorite memories from the movie?


I’ll be getting it, mainly because it was filmed at my alma mater.

Who hasn’t seen it a dozen or more times, though? It’s on constant TV rotation, too, and in Canada that usually means uncut, so I don’t have to worry about TBS-style edits. I don’t think I’ve ever gone more than a few weeks without catching the cafeteria scene, the horse scene, the toga party scene, etc. on TV since the late 80s. Fun movie, though. Stands up pretty well, especially with all the gross-out crap we get in these types of movies today. Remake Animal House today and Bluto would be drinking urine, not smashing beer cans on his head.

I went to U of O as well. It was interesting to be taking a statistics final, then realize that I was in the room where they held the fraternity trial. “Hmmm, I think Belushi was sitting over there…”

Picked it up yesterday. This is a movie I grew up watching so I couldn’t pass on it.

TBS: Movies For Guys Whose Girlfriends Or 3-Year-Old Wanna-Be-Nun Little Sisters Like Movies.

I like to think of “Old School” as the “Animal House” of the new era.