Tokyo Vice (HBO Max): Michael Mann and Yakuza, what more do you want?

Finished it all. Season 2 remains weak. Girlfriend plot remained stupid from beginning to end.

The zainichi thing is mentioned but ignored. I don’t even know why they showed it. All the show alludes to is they have to hide their Korean heritage but I think unless you already know about the zainichi you wouldn’t even notice. Seems stuff was cut out.

Just finished S2 finally and I’ll come down on the other side. I really enjoyed it top to bottom. The dressing on the side blandish American lead grew on me overall and I thought they brought everything together pretty well. If there’s more coming, I’ll definitely check it out. And if not, it was a pretty satisfying stopping point. I feel like even though this was delineated with a season 1 and 2, this was all kind of a larger season one.

I also enjoyed season 2 in spite of some of its more heavily-plotted, borderline soap opera elements.

So this is a bummer, though not a surprise…

Yeah, was bummed to hear this but at least they got to wrap up the main plot they had set up.

One subplot I liked in season 2 was Jake’s trip home to see his family and his supportive father/son relationship. I thought they were gonna milk that family conflict for excessive drama-rama with his parents and sister but they took it in the other direction.

yeah they were telegraphing hard that jake’s sister was going for a suicide attempt