Tom and Bruce Online: Old World

There was one…ummm…Griftlands. I think you had to ask for it. I dont think it was automatic.

Phoenix Point. Though I think that was only if you were a Kickstarter or whatever backer, I don’t recall.

And on GoG if your game collection leans that way!

I enjoyed the Designer Notes interview, Tom! Great to hear your voice!

What a pleasant surprise. I didn’t realize how much I missed QT3 podcasts until I heard Tom’s voice.

Also, I would personally love to watch the whole playthrough, though I know that’s unlikely.

I somehow read the OP wrong yesterday and was thinking Tom and Bruce were posting on Steam and… nevermind, will check this out happily!

@tomchick The video “Old World: nearing the endgame with Persia” got hit with a copyright takedown.

Yeah, when I play music during a stream, they usually just send me a note that I can’t monetize the video. But apparently some music is so verboten in some markets that they just shut down the whole video. :(


It’s always the fucking music.

Part 2 of Tom and Bruce Online: Old World.

Gah, yes, thank you Marquardson! I had a series of technical issues getting this one posted, but at least the audio should be better balanced. Here it is with our fancy thumbnail, which I’m sure is going to rake in the views despite the fact that neither of us is showing any cleavage:

Episode three is currently in post. We’re gearing up our marketing campaign for a 5/30/22 release!


Will there be a separate front page post for this episode? I can take the link down so people go to that post.

I would feel bad spamming a separate thread for each video, so I was just going to stick them all in this thread.


Sounds good!

I would suggest that you or Bruce add in some of your cleavage.

If Robert Smith, Johnny Marr, any members of the Talking Heads or especially Brian Eno join @Brooski’s Cabinet, please inform me.

I will be that guy, Elly May Clampett. Daisy May has a nice ring to it.

You’d think a guy from Arkansas who lived in actual Beverly Hills for a while would know the difference between the Dukes of Hazzard and the Beverly Hillbillies. :(


Part 2 has been live for 2 days but the front page doesn’t reflect this? Tom, I don’t know if you know this, but your website has a section that is not the forum!!!