Tom and Jeff talk about games on Salon

No, not that Tom, or that Jeff. I don’t even know who these guys are.

It reads like a mediocre version of Shoot Club.

Hey Real Tom: Maybe you could write for Salon.

Note: I am not the real Tom. Nor am I the fake Tom. Ponder this carefully…

Are you the anti-matter universe Tom? Or the mirror universe Tom?

Are you the anti-matter universe Tom? Or the mirror universe Tom?[/quote]

Bizarro! Bizarro! Bizarro!

It didn’t seem like those guys, whoever they are, know much about videogames…or humor.

Well, it is Salon…

…and I just had a vision of Shay Addams and Scorpia writing a Salon column and my head exploded.

Tom Bissell is the author of “Chasing the Sea.” Jeff Alexander is a writer living in Brooklyn. Their book, “Speak, Commentary,” a collection of fake DVD commentaries, was published by McSweeney’s last fall.

They’re McSweeney’s posuers, too cool for their own skins.

DO not read that sentence if you haven’t slept in a while - my eyes are all funny now and i don’t think I will ever be able to sleep properly ever again -thanks very much. (I read it to the badgers badgers tune if thats any consti.uh… constala… you know the word)

Well, ‘These guys are all Ray-Ban-wearing, sideburned honkies’ raised a smile here, but not enough to subscribe or even try the one day free offer.

From the intro, it didn’t appear worth sitting through the day pass ad to finish.

Damn. Thought it might be Green and Chick (or Price). But nope, two guys who wish they could lick the boots of the aforementioned writers.

[size=2](I believe Jeff Green does offer bootlicking sessions on alternate Wednesdays. Visa/MC/AX accepted.)[/size]

I always wanted them to make a Bizarro movie. Starring Bruce Campbell.

Scorpia … that’s a blast from the past. Is Scorpia around someplace? Last thing I remember was a column for CGW, 8 years ago?

Have you seen the man lately? He was on some G4 show with regard to the Evil Dead game. It took me about 15 seconds to figure out he wasn’t actually John Cleese.

She had a website, but it’s dead now:

You can look at the old material.

There’s an archive of some of her old reviews at Just Adventure, along with an interview.

Are you Tom Tom the piper’s son?
Are Tom Thumb on the run?
Are you Tom Arnold’s next comeback?
Or Tom Green, grossout hack?

Not the real Tom, eh?
Neither is he the fake Tom.
Just which “Tom” is Tom?

  • Alan

That would be Tom McNamara of the much-beloved IGN. :P

Jeff: I’ve just played the first board of “Manhunt.” I feel about how I did when I walked out of Harmony Korine’s film “Gummo.”

he said BOARD.