Tom Chick's Sims 3 RTS Challenge

It’s the Tom Chick Sims 3 RTS Challenge!

I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Rush Boomturtle, created specially for this challenge. He consists entirely of negative traits. With you guiding him through the twilight of his life, how many Lifetime Happiness points can this absent-minded, clumsy, cowardly, unlucky loser acquire?

Read the rules here. Get the lot here. You have until next Friday to make Mr. Boomturtle as happy as you can.


This is awesome. Although I don’t know how easy it will be to enforce some of those rules. (Ex: Iron Man)

Yeah, unfortunately, it’ll mostly be based on the honor system. However, since folks have to upload their entries, I’ll be able to check the end results and tell if anyone tripped the cheat code flag, for instance.


Hilarious. Does The Sims 3 track your clicks-per-second?

I’m going to give this a go.

I think I’ll give this a go as well but I’m thankful for the time given, mid week = WoW raiding.

Tom, loading a game keeps settings for what the user had in previous games for life length, etc. It’s considered a “configuration” option. You might want to mention in the “default game” section to keep time at the default setting as well as what you want folks to do with the “free will” setting. I’m not sure if the latter would make a difference, but it doesn’t hurt to specify.


Is moving in Sims legal? It seems exploity to have slaves.


(What would Alice and Kev say?)

I think by the third day i have around 3500 happiness points. But i have a plan ^^. Long term, though, not sure you can fulfill his Lifetime Aspiration before he dies…

Ha! This is a great idea – I tend to get a little bored of games that are as sandbox-y as the Sims, so challenges like this are right up my alley. Rules! Guidelines! The likelihood of complete and utter failure!

Also, that’s a pretty stylish argyle sweater for such a sad little man.

I am so doing this!

On a similar note, can you move in with another sim?

I found a small problem. Mr. Boom managed to die. Unfortunately once you die, you turn into a ghost, and you can’t select to see what your aspiration score was. :(

BTW I did move in Ms. Landgrabb which eased money issues but otherwise did not provide many benefits.

Moving in other sims, and moving in with other sims, is a perfectly viable way to play, as long as it’s done through gameplay instead of the Edit Town screen. Wisefool, were you not able to save the game as Mr. Boomturtle was dying?



Big version here.

Save file here.

I assume you have a way to revive the guy and find out how many points he has then? This was a horrible attempt thought, I only got to level 4 of my second career. I did a horrible choice on the first one, I think I have a better plan now.

I was thinking the “challenge” might be to see if one can keep from falling asleep while playing any portion of the Sims 3…

So you used up your 1,000th post to tell us you don’t like a particular game.

:D Actually, it’s worse. He used his 1,000th post to sarcastically imply that he doesn’t like a particular game.

Hey rrmorton, speaking of post count, you and I joined in the same month and I am 5 posts ahead of you! Get moving.
edit: 6 now. Hehe.