Tom Chick's top ten games of 2020

  1. Cloudpunk. 2. Cloudpunk. 3. Cloudpunk…

It was actually Tom that steered me away from Cloudpunk. He said there wasn’t much there yet, but hopefully it will be added with further updates.

I really wanted to buy that one on my Switch, but it looks like ass on there. And not even, like, nice ass.

I will say that Cloudpunk is waaaaay more cyberpunk than Cyberpunk 2077. There’s not much of a game in there, but the dog computer is a way better sidekick than Keanu’s tryhardboiled Bill or Ted. And the main character’s struggle with her identity as a refugee in the city might not be cyberpunk per se, but it’s more relevant and intriguing than CD Projekt’s facile “corporations are teh bad” nonsense.


I actually installed it but didn’t get a chance to look at it. Any Genshin Impact addition will have to wait until 2021.


Welcome to Shadow Empire in the #9 position!


Good choice, Tom. Not for everyone, but most fascinating game of the year.

They have been fleshing out Cloudpunk more, with a new first-person view and such, and it’s much more immersive. No word on new story elements yet, but hopefully that’s coming.

Another pro in Cloudpunk’s column, it will run better than Cyberpunk 2077.

I don’t think it would be unwarranted to label Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa’s leader management system as “King of Dragon Pass-style,” but from what I’ve seen of Shadow Empire’s it doesn’t really deserve that descriptor.

I would be totally ok with this. Great game.

Oh, looks like somebody didn’t play Spiderman Miles Morales.

Of course neither did I. Did I play any 2020 games?

Are you from the future.

Either that, or Tom’s list got leaked. And Appleseed assumed that since the first two games match the leaked list, the rest must be the same as well.

My bad, I just read the thread properly & had mistaken Scott_L’s list for Tom’s.

Still waiting for the Top 10 Overhyped games and Top 10 Games to Play in Denver When You’re Dead

Since I reviewed it, Shadow Empire has undergone some significant changes. The logistics system was completely reworked.

Does it mean that the logistics system is now more comprehensible?

Great choice, my favourite strategy game of the over tho I must say, had I not read your review, I wouldn’t have put up with the horrible GUI.

Excellent question, but I couldn’t answer since I haven’t played it since the updates. Presumably, it’s more intuitive, so I think that was partly the developer’s goal.


Code Vein at #7.