Tom Chick's top ten games of 2020

We need a new category: Top Ten Games I Played This Year. Who cares what year they came out.

Nooo then Agents of Mayhem will be number one every year.


Might want to check the review link in the countdown

I mean, really, everyone might as well have a top ten games of all time list. You can freely swap things in and out as you like! Who cares when it came out? And I’m not even joking. Although maybe narrow it down to top five to make it more manageable.

But part of what I like about the list being specific to whatever came out this year* is that it’s a snapshot of the videogames industry. What did it produce in 2020? How did I respond to those releases? Which worked best for me? When you say top ten of 2020, the list isn’t only about me and the games; it’s also about the year 2020!

Also, one thing I’m doing differently this year is making sure everything on the list gets a full review. Previously, I’ve had tons of stuff on my list that didn’t actually get a full review. That will not be the case in 2020. So expect #1-6, as well as the #11 that gets moved into the #10 spot, to be either games I’ve already reviewed or games accompanied by posted reviews.

Oops, linkpaste fumble. Fixed. Thanks, @Misguided!


* plus Code Vein from 2019, of course!

I don’t understand this post. Deep Rock Galactic came out on May 13, 2020. Are you implying it was released before then? Or that only it’s early access release should have counted as the release date?

Edit: Oh wait, do you mean he should play Deep Rock Galactic so it can take Code Vein’s place in the Top 10? I get it now.

(Moving this into the correct thread! It got misposted into one of the other top ten list threads.)

Welcome Desperados III to the #8 spot!


Thank you, that threw me off.

As for Code Vein, it was fun up until the Ornstein and Smough redux, then I switched to playing Marvel Alliance 3 for my sanity. I really did appreciate how far boob physics have come though. Coco and Io had it going on.

The fight right after the fight you so aptly called “the Ornstein and Smough redux” is the one that made me stop playing. I might return one day. Maybe.

Thanks for reminding me, I wanted to buy this on the Switch. I love this game to pieces and have lots of time in on the Steam version, but playing this on the go? Yes, please.

For what it’s worth I 100% agree with everyone expressing this opinion.

IMO, the snapshot works just as well as a, say, 15 month one. The end of year cutoff always feels unfair to games that release in December that people may not have time to play immediately or that take a little while to shine.

I think keeping it to a specific year works great for people in the industry, or who are playing (or, when talking about other media, watching or whatever) a lot of current releases. As someone who can barely remember what came out two months ago, let alone what all released over the whole year, and who probably played 80% older games and 20% or less new ones, it’s all a big mess. (And even for the GOTY awards I do participate in, which go by the “what did you play this year” metric, I have a hard time remembering what I played in January come December. You’re not supposed to lose your memory by 37, are you?)

Can we please save the traditional “should top games of the year include games released in that year” argument for its proper thread, the QT3 Quarterlies.

I love this new format, Tom. Your write-ups are always a treat to read, but there were a few times in the past when I was left wanting to know more.

Hades joins the list at #6! Bruce Geryk’s review:

My follow-up:


Wwwwwoooooow, five games ranking higher than Hades. Can’t wait to read about 'em!

Hmm, you’ve almost talked me into wishlisting a Supergiant game, that’s an accomplishment. I’m assuming it’s super twitchy, though?

Speaking from my own experience, I didn’t enjoy their previous games, didn’t enjoy this one either.

Useful to know, thanks!

Not really, no. Moreover, it has a brilliant self-adjusting difficulty system called God-mode that increases your damage resistance a little bit each time you fail a run. I did OK at Bastion and was terrible at Transistor, but I’ve spent 50-60 hours playing Hades and it is phenomenal.

Sure, if you play without god-mode, you could call it twitchy, but with the damage resist, you don’t need to worry about avoiding every hit, which makes all the difference.

I suck at twitchy stuff, but you don’t have to be good at twitch to play and love Hades. It is not only the game of the year as far as I’m concerned, but worth a spot in my favorite games ever.