Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

I gotta say-- I’m excited about this game. It looks amazing. I mean, not DOOM3 quality, but the use of real light and shadow is compelling and far beyond what we’ve seen to date.,10869,2882199,00.html

There are also some hi-res shots here, clearly from the PC version:

Question: will Red Storm screw it up with annoying ultra-accurate AI ala Rainbow 6, Rogue Spear, and Ghost Recon? Has anyone gotten hands-on time with this game at all?

Also when they say “unreal engine” I assume they mean the UT2k3 engine-- I know they’re using it for the next Rainbow 6 game, right?

I wonder if they will have weapon models in first person view? Or will it be the reticule only again. Oh wait, its 3rd person only. PFFT GAY!

My peeve with all the Redstorm games is not only the ulra super reacting sniper AI, but player aiming just doesn’t feel right … imo.

Imo the only game that got tactical small unit fighting right is Hidden and Dangerous. In fact… most ww2 shooters ripped off of HnD imo. At least in level design… i digress again.


Nothing even close to the other Tom Clancy titles. Think… hmm… Metal Gear Solid for grown-ups.

It’s being developed by Ubi Soft Montreal, not Red Storm. And yea, it’s most like Metal Gear Solid. Except with more MILPORN and nerve gas and what-have-you.

I was under the (mistaken?) impression that they were using the GR engine, which I believe was developed in-house.

  • Alan

Both Rainbow Six 3 and Splinter Cell use the latest Unreal engine (which the developers like to call the Unreal Warfare engine, and epic insists isn’t because Unreal Warfare is still a long ways off and will be more advanced still).

In the case of Splinter Cell the developers have pretty dramatically altered the renderer, kinda like the Deus Ex 2 guys did.

Interestingly, the SC guys say there’s no computer out there that will run SC at max detail at a high res and get a decent frame rate. Those fancy lighting effects and stuff are just that demanding. Now granted, they said this some weeks ago and may not have had a Radeon 9700 to play around with. But still, expect to need a monster machine to get it looking like those screenshots at a decent clip.

They also said the Xbox version, because of the lower resolution and a few case-specific optimizations, runs plenty fast. Seemed to be smooth enough at E3, anyway.

It best have Michael Ironsides!

Make a Splinter Cell game based on Division Engine and I’ll be really happy!