Tom Clancy's The Division

I don’t understand you people! One of the greatest things to be shown at E3 and there is no thread on it?

Anyways - Tom Clancy’s The Division has a 7 minute long youtube video detailing it. To summarize, its an open world, online, rpg where the world has fallen and you can scavenge, fighth and just live in the post apocalyptic world, fighting npc’s or players in PVP and it looks absolutely brilliant! Seriously - watch at least the beginning of the video, and the end, and tell me that doesn’t look awesome.

I LOVE the little touch where the closes the copcap door while hiding behind it.

It will be out on Xbox One and Ps4 and eh…tablets - No word on PC that I could find so far.

In the video, you can see that the little drone thing is controlled by someone playing on a tablet. That seems like a pretty neat way to do it.

oh - I missed that! That is very awesome.

Someone on another forum linked this image of the door closing - so great!

The video felt so staged I am a bit wary to go into too much of a GREATEST-THING-EVER-mode.

That said; the concept seems promising, especially if the events that occur (like the attack on the police station) are dynamic events controlled by some sort of “AI” and not just scripted one-off occurrences. As in , various ‘factions’ will attempt to complete their own objectives within the game-world and they can whatever mission you are on in addition to open up new “missions”; but they would occur regardless and perhaps change how events further down the line would play out. Imagine if the police station attack was not intercepted by your team – the enemy might gotten access to more hardware, perhaps a police swat van that still worked, and they’d increase their control of the city blocks where they resided causing your missions in that area to become more difficult – alternatively you would stop the attack on the station and gain whatever resources were inside to use for your purposes – prompting the “enemy team” to go after you next to regain it. Give us more ‘simulation’!

The way the bullets go through the car windows look so fantastic.

There is a slighty DayZ inspiration here, maybe? Open freeform pvp-MMO with a postapocalyptic tone?

I have already played this game, and it was named All Points Bulletin, and was great.
This version looks even better :-) than APB.

Yeah, it certainly looks like what APB should have been. Whether it’s actually better than APB turned out to be is still very much unknown, but I’ll be keeping an eye on it for sure.

A game like that would be so great, but I doubt it will work like that. The events shown in the E3 videos for both The Division and Destiny remind me of Guild Wars 2 dynamic events. Those are just scripted and happen at either a specific interval or are triggered by a player action. So yes, I would to see a game that tries to take its dynamic events to the next level.

If there is anything that “the cloud” Microsoft is touting could be used for, it would be that.

Basically; W.O.P.R controlling all the ai bits and pieces in your game, sending orders to the little drones on your PRISM and telling them what to do and where, gather supplies, find prisoners and strawberries, cordon of areas of the city once they have a defensible position, ambush the players on suspected avenues of approach, stage false attacks to lure in unsuspecting do-godders and whatnot.


Even if the AI is not particularly dynamic, it looks like you’ll be fighting against other players as well. That should add an element of unpredictability.

This has been the game that’s piqued my interest the most so far. Here’s hoping the PvP stuff is a little measured so I don’t have to constantly deal with that as I try to explore the open world.

Building a game is hard. So building a metagame on top of a game is double hard. Cue all the real economy problems in mmorpgs and the infinite balancing patches these games get.
The agenda of gamers are very hard to control. A group of players can be intentionally ignoring a objective and just prolong a battle that is XP or loot eficient. Gamers in a war game act in a strange “illogical” way.

I’m glad someone made this thread, as this is easily one of the top 3 things I’ve been shown so far. The gunplay looks phenomenal.

Also means that playing this on the PC is out of the question due to haxx0rs.

What is it about this game’s premise that gets it the Tom Clancy name anyway? I always associated it with current or near-future tactical warfare in more or less normal surroundings.

I feel like this is about as sci-fi as it can get without having actual aliens and laserguns.

In the old days it usually meant TOM CLANCY had written a book about it.

I suppose it is from the old RED STORM GAMES company that Ubisoft usurped, which used to put out games “Tom Clancy” had approved. Who knows.

Massive was the World in Conflict team out in Sweden. They weren’t part of Red Storm Entertainment.

I think in general, Ubi just uses the Tom Clancy branding on any vaguely gov’t/military-focused game. I think they’ve mentioned that he does a creative pass on anything with his name (which could be as much as detailing the entire world and script, or even as minor as replying, “this sounds cool” when pitched).

I know where the branding originated from. Heck, I played Harpoon and The Hunt for Red October back in the day.

I’m asking how this game gets the Tom Clancy name attached. Other than the guns, there’s nothing that makes me think of Tom Clancy at all.