Tom Clancy's The Division


Oh yeah, if you’re talking about your little compass, then red sections indicate what direction bad guys are located.


The red zone in the main map is called Dark Zone. As rightly pointed out, it’s tbe most infected zone. Dark Zone is the PVP area. Lots of good stuff in there provided you survived any PVP encounter. Fortunately, there’s not too many players these days but it can still be unnerving.


Heh, then I guess I’m pretty bad at the game - it was flashing from 8 and 4, but I couldn’t find the bad guys for the life of me.


Does anyone know how a level 99 dark zone guy can operate in the 1-14 DZ bracket? Thats slightly annoying.


I’ve been steering clear of the dark zone so far, partly because I’m not really a PvP guy, but I know I’m going to dip a toe in at some point. And then promptly get that toe shot off no doubt.

I also am kind of blown away how quickly you rise through world tiers - I started at 1 late last week and I’m already at 5, as of last night! Kind of thought it would be more like difficulty levels in Diablo 3, you’d hang around chasing loot in one tier for a while before bumping up, which you do, but the loot Chase is so constant I just keep rising up!


I bumped from Tier 1 to 5 instantly. I have not bumped up to Tier 2-4. Sometimes I wonder if I missed anything…


Once you hit Tier 5 I found the quickest way to gear up early on is to farm the 15 named bosses. I’ve gotten full clears down to 30 min solo. You’ll even get an occasional exotic or classified if you are lucky. They re-spawn every 4 hrs.

I’ve numbered the map and added my own notes:

1. Autumn's hope  - exit facing E, R, he's just to the L
	a. bullet king
2. Wolves den  - exit facing E, R, Down ladder, R, L @ school bus to cut through truck yard, R, basketball court on  L
	a. Sorretto - basketball court
	b. Strings - train tracks, continue through basketball court heading S, R all the way to the end, L down ramp into train tracks
3. Kerman station
	a. Erskine - exit facing E, turn 180 after exit from escalators to the left.  Veer L to find crates to get over wall.  Keep heading west to end of street.  He's just a bit north where all the semi trucks are.
4. The Cavern
	a. Fumes - underground station. Take N Exit, up first 2 ladders. Left before 3rd ladder, left again, just to right of subway
5. Hudson Refugee camp - start facing west, go L, L again into alley way
	a. Fray - alley way
	b. Five-o - , continue south to 24th, R, L over small fence, L into back alley way, continue E
6. Napalm production site
	a. Belzer - start facing E, R to go S
	b. Riot - run to union square, it's a long run, you can run past most mobs along the way.
7. The ward
	a. Chains - exit facing N, immediate left, then left again.  Head straight down covered walkway (it's a little to the R) and up stairs, go left past the bikes on your right, veer left 
8. Police Academy - start facing E, turn 180 to go W, L, L, he's in a parking lot on the L
	a. Cpl. Wright
9. DZ checkpoint E 31st St
	a. Sgt. Lewis - just head straight E.
10. Queens tunnel - starts facing E so just head forward.  Follow east 38st street all the way down East
	a. Cpl. Dorsman - stay left to avoid mob at gate on the right.  Just run past them.
11. Firewall - exist facing N - R, L to continue N.
	a. Sgt Jacks - north, go right  and up little stairs into outdoor patio area of restaurant.  Engage from there.
	b. Apollo - rope on right side, attack from behind signs above awning.

Once you get 4 piece d3fnc along with a pretty good smg clearing goes a lot faster. I like 2 piece nomad to go with it for the 15% heal on kill. Once you memorize all the spawns running sticky bomb with flashbang works well. You don’t even need a heal.


Oh wow, I ran across some of these guys before, in fact I ran into Apollo last night - he killed me the first time then I came back for him. I figured these guys were part of some of the wandering patrols you come across, but if they’re fixed I’ll definitely have to keep seeking them out.


Final mission done, but still midway through level 28. Not sure what I have to do to go to 30, since most missions now give relatively low XP. It appears there’s one additional post-game mission though? Unkown Signal or something?

Anyway, I can’t wait to make it to 30 and finally start the game proper. ;)


We must have very different approaches to open world games - I was level 30 way before I hit the last mission. But then I tend to scour the maps and do all the side missions and grab collectibles.


There is an exotic which I’ve lusted over and after 3 months, I finally found it - it’s the Ninja Bike Messenger Bag. This bag is like a wild card and you can have say 3 Striker gear and the Ninja Bag will be the fourth so you get 4 piece Striker bonus. On top of that, you might have one piece Nomad and the Ninja Bag competes it to be a 2 Nomad piece bonus - so you can have 2 gear set bonuses at once!


Congrats! Yeah I really want ninja bike, house, bullfrog, and big Alejandro. So far I keep getting crap exotics. Where did it drop for you?


They always initially spawn in the exact same location and then start to patrol a bit. Apollo is a tad annoying because he drops turrets. Sgt jacks is annoying too with a shield. So it’s sometimes hard to hit him in the backpack to make him dance. Cpl dorsman has a lot of adds that are pretty spread apart. The other 12 I just faceroll.


I got it from an Exotic Cache which drops from doing Legendary Mission.


Had been away from Division for a long time when someone linked Ninja Bike, figured what the hell, logged in and did two underground missions… got it on the second. Not the best roll on it, but still, set bonuses are nice.

Now to get those “hidden” set items.


damn son! that’s one hell of a luck!


Heh, the guy who linked it to me on Discord got a bit pissed seeing as he’d been playing for a while trying to get it. :-)


Btw, even though your Ninja Bike does not have the best roll, don’t forget you can max it at the Optimization Station.


Quick question, what skill build are you guys working with? I’ve dinked around with a few but it doesn’t feel like what I’ve got is optimal - I’m using that ping thing, a flame turret and the signature skill that raises you and allies defense. Bound to be better ones right? Probably ballistic shield I’m guessing.


I have’t played in forever, but I was using the little seeker ball drone things that exploded , a stun turret, and the ping.

I was last located in the bottom right corner of the map working my way up the right side of the map.

I need to go back!