Tom Clancy's The Division


I might see if Wildlands is on sale this Sale cycle. I’ve read it’s great solo.


I haven’t played that but I’ve been tempted to pick it up. I have no experience with Ghost Recon games though, is it a decent starting point?


It’s shallower than GR games used to be. And it has a 5 hour trial, so try that first.


That’s good to know, will do.


Looks like we’ve got another global event lined up for Monday, June 25 - Outbreak again. Will last one week.


Oh I plan to.

I…plan to…


Well, with the help of @Hamilton’s advice, I was able to get through the Precinct Siege mission. I rolled a new character, tweaked the controlls a little bit and chose a different ability, the sticky bomb thing, which is what helped get me through. Now I’m in Manhattan and I’m marvelling at all there is to do. Thanks for the support y’all.


Glad you gave it another shot! The atmosphere in this game is top notch and the combat really opens up as you unlock more tools. Running solo I found it was helpful to equip the turret to draw fire when things got tough.


Definitely planning to do that one once unlocked.


In terms of unlocking more capabilities in the Base, there are 3 type of missions: tech missions (blue), medical missions (green) and security missions (yellow). You need to focus on medical in the beginning to get a nice med station which can heal you in combat, after which, you can then focus on tech to get the sticky bomb or the turret. I think once you have a good progress in medical wing and tech wing, you are quite golden! Have fun!


Well, another global event down and I’m … starting to feel the creeping encroachment of burnout. I am going to back off on playing this a bit. I’ll try to keep at the shields before D2 comes along, and I still haven’t even tried Survival yet, but I think the day to day stuff is getting shelved. I’d hate to get sick of this game.


I jumped into this over the weekend and was surprise that there is a Global Event… and I did a quick Legendary match and was surprised that Madison Hospital is now a legendary level. I had a lot of fun because it’s refreshing to play a new level at Legendary difficulty, so I’d recommend taking a break once a while :)


I’m finally getting back into the division after not playing it for 18+ months! It took an hour or so but I’m back and familiar with things and ready for some end game content.

Since it’s been so long, my gear score for my level 30 character was at only 28. I quickly got that up to 256 with some drops from an event. Now that my gear is in OK shape what kind of events do you all recommend? Which are the most fun?

I saw they added a completely new area to the game - is that worth checking out?

And how do you all utilize loadouts? I could use it for different item sets but I’m looking for other ideas.

Finally, it seems like item and ability balance has changed significantly since last time I played. What abilities do you all like these days?


Go to Map and do an automatch on Hard Mission. That should match you with 3 other players. Any missions would be fun and you will get some good drops.

I use Loadouts to change my gear config depending on the group that was matched up with me. If the team is low on Medical, I swap to my gear which made me a better healer.


Wasn’t too long ago I was in the same boat, came back from a long absence, also went from mostly multi to mostly solo playing. But yeah, I pretty much went back through the missions on hard, partly for loot and partly for the achievement.

I’d also head to the dark zone if you haven’t spent much time there. Really great loot drops, plus the tension of possibly losing it all.

I also like wandering the normal zone for the respawning bosses that pop up, I just enjoy wandering. May not be your speed.

I use loadouts like @habibi does, so I have my Striker, my Tactician, my D3, my Reclaimer, etc. Easy to hop to new roles as needed. Not the most creative use, but it works for me.


Which are the most fun?

Survival. Nothing else comes close. Presuming, that is, anyone still plays it. It’s totally divorced from the loot grind that keeps the die-hards around, and it was a ghost town last I checked.


Yeah I’ll definitely try Survival. I bought the season pass over a year ago and naturally never used it yet!

But I’m wondering which of the mission types added to the base game are most worth checking out too.

I’m not super into the Diablo style loot grind so I really just want to try new things and be done with it.


I’ll second the survival reccomendation. I like loot grinding so the other stuff is fun for me, but Survival is certainly the most exciting thing in the game by a fair measure.


Survival is probably the mode I have the least experience with, had a bad session, got lost and then shot down and got frustrated so I set it aside and haven’t been back. I should try again but I assume one of the shields will be survival-related, so I’ll wait and see.


Survival is great. Still the most stressful thing I know of in gaming. But, like good stress? If you want to dip into Division and sample the goodness then Survival should be on your list.