Tom Clancy's The Division


In free roam and in DZ I actually don’t shoot first. In DZ because I play as ninja loot bunny (avoid pvp, just going for loot and div tech), I tend to stay under the radar. Gunfire draws attention so I do sneak around. I can defend myself (got a 6 piece classified nomad and the House), that doesn’t mean I need to go all aggro on everything.

Especially elite LMB and Rikers you want them alive so when you run into a rogue, you can run towards them and let them melt the rogue, or force the rogue to back off. Three LMB or Rikers focus fire can melt anything in 5-6 seconds.

And @divedivedive my Sam Fisher is basically a ghost, or at least always non lethal. Until Conviction and Blacklist where he is railroaded to be a mass murderer. Although for Blacklist I’ve see total ghost playthrough on YouTube with zero kills. It is tough but possible.


You can probably play Division that way too, just team up with a bunch of people that don’t share your social conscience, let them do all the killing, then follow along and grab all the loot. It’s a win/win!


This article touches on this. Lol.

We see a point of no return, and we see people coming together. What does the scene tell us was the crux of that transition? The narrator offers the answer via a question mid-scene:

“With no police to protect you, did you own a gun? Did your neighbor?”

Sir, this is a Wendy’s


I always love the police will protect you thing. That’s not what police do. They arrest people after the fact, mostly. Sometimes, the threat of being arrested or worse deters people from crimes. Most of the time, it doesn’t. What protects people mostly is the social fabric, the general social contract that holds that hurting people or taking their stuff is wrong. Without that, no amount of police could make a society function.

So, these games really aren’t about the police being gone, they are about the social contract unraveling. Which is a perfectly legitimate theme for a game, all things considered.


@kono1134 I am around to play this weekend if you have time, I just want to finish the story missions, which I am at 81% now.

NYC looking so nice when the sun is out. I still can’t believe I’ve only found half of the phone recordings.


Im out this evening until later, but available all Sat/Sun pretty much. Just give me a 30min head up if possible.

Ill drop you a PM later if you are still on.


Cool thanks a lot in advance.

I finished up the Grand Central mission, barely completed it solo, after 2 respawns at the end. So I am 88% complete now with the story. :)

Also the home base is almost totally restored now!

See @KristiGaines I am good at this game! Played it solo up to this point , but I’ve heard the next few missions are brutal. So I asked for some help.


Hmmm. Nice backpack. I may load it up…

Loading I DO have it. I do so want so shoot someone this weekend.

(please don’t link this to the FBI)


@kono1134 is the best, carried my ass through the last 2 missions of the game. :D
Thanks again!

I’ll move onto Division 2 now, but I am leaving Division 1 installed until I find all them damn cell phones. :D


Congrats! See you in DC!


Is anyone who got the Division 1 with the last Humble Bundle interested in fooling with it together? I’m on the West Coast if it makes a difference.


I’ve owned it longer than that but played very little. I’d be up for some sort of organized play with it (assuming the crash to desktop I got last time I started it was a fluke and not an ongoing issue, of course). Just tend not to get around to this kinda thing if it’s not on the schedule.


I played it for a couple of hours yesterday-- did the three side missions in Brooklyn only. I’m Papageno1961 on Uplay, and I’d be up for playing a couple of hours a week, M-Th mid evening West Coast time for an hour at a time, or up to two hours later in the morning on weekends.
When were you getting that CTD by the way?


I just hit it and didn’t feel like trying again at the time, so it was hopefully a one off. but it was just somewhere like 4 blocks from the base.


If I could import my fully-leveled and kitted our character from my Xbox run I’d totally join you guys. As it is, it’s a bit hard to want to start all over, especially since I’m starting at level 1 with the sequel.


Just sent a friend request. I think most weeks Tuesday or Wednesday evening, like 7-8 PST would be best for me. Mondays are usually my boardgame night, though there have been issues the last couple weeks so I’m around tonight.


Hey, so thanks for the company last night despite not being able to actually play together because my character was too new. Here’s hoping we can meet tomorrow as planned once I’m past that first boss.

Question for anyone: how the hell to get past that guy (“Ripper” I think his name is)? Do I need to call on internet randos to help out with that dude?


I reverified the game files and went to windowed full screen and managed a couple of minor side encounters without crashing, so fingers crossed it will stay that way.

I found the early going really rough also. I just beat my head against the wall until I broke through, I think, but ugh.


I started playing on saturday on XBO X, and it took me about 7 or 8 tries to nail the Ripper fight. Not faring much better now I’m in Manhattan.


All the talk of the sequel made me want to go back to Manhattan and after all the updates and add ons that I never played I figured it’d be easier to just start over.

Problem is I tried matchmaking in the first real mission, Madison Square garden, and no one joined after 10 mins or so on either normal or hard difficulty (ps4) .

I’m not reliable to play with friends so I usually join pug games when I’m in the mood. I still enjoy wandering around NYC but it seems like I’d have to play the sequel for online fun.