Tom Clancy's The Division


Ubisoft own the Clancy brand now, I think. I’m surprised we haven’t seen Tom Clancy’s The Settlers 8 teased yet.


You’re not playing random survivors, you’re members of a kind of Splinter Cell organisation. The glowing bit of gear on the character’s shoulder is reminiscent of those games.



Such a great piece…thanks for posting - mine disappeared it seems!


The turret will be really usefull. If not as a defence, as a early warning. I see from the video theres some crafting involved. That could be interesting… a bit of “survivors sim” in my counter-strike.

The more I know, the more I want to know. The graphics are supergreat, but also have a style to it. How the “minimap” render is amazing.


Yeah, as I wrote on another forum, this is actually the first game I can tell really is next-gen.


I just pretend they are all about a guy named Tom Clancy and his zany violent adventures.


My sentiments exactly.


Wow, I’m not really a console gamer, or generally a fan of shooter games, but this looks really awesome.


Yes, it looks great. Unfortunately, I probably wouldn’t get to play with the calm and helpful people in the video.


Haha, yeah, okay - thats probably true. I remember when I was playing BF2 a lot with a friend, and his wife politely pointed out that I seemed to yelling a lot at him. I am a gentle person in real life, but frothing whenever people did things that (seemed to me) stupid things in game :-D


This really was one of the games that piqued my attention. I don’t really care for MMO-type games, or even anything multiplayer really, but ME3 proved to me that co-op multiplayer is pretty damn fun, so I’m keeping an eye on this. My worry is about the PvP and how that will function. That will probably be the deciding factor for me.


One of the things that appealed to me from the demo shown was the pace of the game. It doesn’t look to be all nonstop action, looks like there will be a fair amount of exploration, almost casual even, punctuated by moments of intense action and chaos.


Please don’t make me want this game even more.


I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought this during the video.

Video: “Hmm…looks like some kind of construction site to the right.”



Thats why in a games like this you have a friends list. Team with random people, build yourself a list of people you enjoy playing with, then group with them. Problem solved. You will still heard ugly things from enemies, but you can shot them in the face.


This has been my E3 highlight so far. Such beautiful visual design.


A PC release might not be out of the question:


So did they cancel the Rainbow 6 game that was being worked on? Or did it evolve into this game? This remind me a little bit of co-op terrorist hunt mode in R6:Vegas that I played a lot of.

I don’t play this kind of game with filthy pugs so I don’t think voice chat will be an issue.


Some details from the closed door demos:

  • Parties are limited to four players.
  • Shooting the flare to call in pickup also binds loot to the characters and signals the AI to let other events (like the PvP assault) happen to your party.