Tom Clancy's The Division


They still haven’t done anything about the crappy character creation.


Playing Homefront Revolution after this is such a nice change.So much more interesting game design.


It is as if the game was designed by someone who hadn’t played other games before.

Or they did, but decided “LALALALA”


Played a bit on the 1.4 PTS, Made it to Tier 3 184 gearlevel from 132 at start in about 5 hours.

The last hour or so was trying to solo hardmode Consulate, only for the server to go down just before I completed it :(

The changes they have made seem to have made the game a lot nicer. I guess it will still suffer from the small area and whatnot, but once they’ve fixed the “basics” with 1.4 perhaps they will be able to churn out some more content.


FYI, PC copy of this is $21 on Amazon, cheaper than it was during the recent STEAM sale.


And I think Prime membership gets you another 20% off. Not a bad deal at all.


No, the Prime membership discount is 20% off new titles only. Still tempted tho…


And… 2 bucks cheaper! I caved and got it, not gonna touch it till the 1.4 patch hits.


I just started playing Division and I’m definitely liking it. The NYC the build is very impressive!


I’d hold off until the October patch tbh.
Big changes incoming.


Yeah, I’ve read the same thing but it looks to me like those changes are largely dealing with the post 30 content. Figured I’d start playing through the story stuff anyway.


Yeah I always felt that 1-30 content was great right out of the box. I’m really looking forward to trying it out again once the patch hits though. I spent over 100 hours in the Division and hated to leave but it just wasnt fun as a mostly solo non-DZ player. I’m really hoping the new patch will change that.


Playing on PS4 shellfish? If so we should coop.


Sorry Merry, missed this. Playing on PC unfortunately.


Apologies for the crosspost from the Bargain Thread:

Amazon has Tom Clancy’s Division at $15 for PC.

This is shipping the boxed copy. Will redeem on Uplay FYI.




If the PS4 version ever drops to dirt cheap (or is a freebie), you have my axe!


Any idea when this miracle patch is coming? Im waiting for it before I jump back in.


Ubisoft is still claiming sometime in October, but no concrete date that I’ve seen so far.


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