Tom Clancy's The Division


Patch 1.4 should be out on October 25th.


Ordered a 1070 today since they had a discount and I wanted to clean the computer a bit… (no reason to open the case unless there’s a new GPU coming, right?)

October 25th is also the day Kharazhan re-opens in WOW + The Diablo 20 year anniversary event kicks off (methinketh!)… so this is really shitty timing.


Sweet! I like Division a lot and I’m glad to see it being improved on. People knock the world, but as a big fan of NYC in general I really enjoy the Divisions take on it. I’m excited for a more rewarding loot cycle in the game.


A discounted 1070? Where?


Local store here in the frozen North, they were having an anniversary sale.

They didn’t deliver it today though, so it will be a weekend without the card as I doubt they’ll get deliveries tomorrow… rats


Update 1.4 patch notes.


Lots of good stuff in there! I like that the high value target missions now scale with group size. Might be another thing I can do solo now when I feel like just chilling out and doing some missions.


Got my 1070 ready. Felt like playing Diablo 3 didn’t really “tax” the card much :-P

Played 1.4 a bit on PTS and going back to 1.3.x LIVE was so terrible I decided to just not play until I could be back on 1.4.


When does 1.4 go live, anyone know?


October 25th.

Here’s a few chapters of patch notes, if anyone dares read them all.


tl;dr is that the game now will be more ‘rewarding’ for your time, gearing up will be made somewhat easier, outside of darkzone you will again meet roaming world bosses to kill for a chance of exotics (or whatever they’re called) etc.

tttl;dr; Level 30+ will feel more like 1-29 than hitting a brick wall.


Looking forward to diving in and giving it a go tonight.


So far I like the new patch, a lot. The moment to moment gameplay is much improved due to far greater leathality of weapons. Enemies drop waaaay faster, but you also take a lot more damage as well. This really makes for much more active combat as you scramble between cover points, heal up, and cap baddies!

I’m not to the 30+ content yet so I can’t speak to improvements there, but in general it is a much better feeling shooter.


How open is the New York map? I really just want to come and see if my building is in there. Is the East Side modelled? If so can you get there early on…?


Just uninstalled. My character is broken and not worth grinding out all new gear. What a mess.


That depends where your building is. As I remember, the early parts of the game are on the west side, working downtown and then up the east side. I think the northern edge of the map was 56th street.


I will say that from what I saw when I played the beta, the parts of the city they modeled were almost 100% spot on to reality, like diners in the right places, barber shops in the right places, etc.


I played through the starting mission for the Underground expansion and did some free-roaming last night and had fun. First thing that happened last night was an airdrop in the PvE part of the city. Ran over there, cleared out the rikers and claimed the loot. Was actually two gear set pieces and a couple other HE pieces to boot! I’m running at world level 3 and fights are deadly but manageable. I had to change up my skills etc a few times to take care of different situations which was fun. I think I’ll be putting some Division back into my regular kick back and chill game rotation.


Gutted you are not on PS4. :(


LOL sorry man! If I had a PS4 I’d gladly buy this for the console too! As fun as the game can be solo, it really shines with friends. Had a blast playing with McMaster and other QT3’ers early on.