Tom Clancy's The Division


You perfectly summarized how I felt about the dark zone. Also, I had totally forgotten how once everyone got to 30 firefights revolved around supers. And then, of course, there was the cheating, but I bailed right around the time that started to become more prominent.

I’d never been unhappier about moving on from a game. They were so close to something special with their multiplayer. If they could have somehow maintained the sense of danger you experienced upon first entering the dark zone…

I loved the how multiplayer worked outside of the darkzone, though I wish it had been expanded upon. Like dark souls, it implemented MMO elements without all the immersion breaking antics you get in those games.


I like how you put tips in quotes, as if they aren’t even really tips.


My PC version boxed copy arrived today, came with the Hazmat gear set which was a pre-order thing from back at release, nice!

Teamed up with some Amazon purchase strangers and did the starting area up to the main base camp drop off scene. Lots of people playing it seems. So far $10 well spent! :D

Some helpful chat commands:

/w [Nickname] – you can use this command to chat privately with a specific player.
/g – switches the channel to group chat, so you can talk to your teammates.
/1 – use this to switch back to public chat.
/s – this command is used for chatting with nearby players.


So there was a patch tonight and now my game is broken. :P It was fine last night. Full-screen is now a slideshow, as is the map screen even in borderless-window mode.

Anyone else seeing problems?


I tracked the above issue down, and I bet it’s related to this changelog item from the last maintenance update:

Fixed incorrect framerate limit when VSync is on or when Frame Limiter is enabled.

I’m using frame limiter on with vsync off (best settings to use for GSync). This combination caused the unplayable freezing for me. Turning frame limiter off or vsync on fixes it. :P


Hit level 7 last night, I have unlocked the medical and security wings so far and I finally have green or blue gear in all the slots. Overall I am really enjoying this as a single player game. Also getting a long range rifle with 12x scope, really seemed to make the game easier. :)

The world design is fantastic, people yelling out the windows, the echo locations, looting places. I have closed many many many vehicle doors. Weather effects are also top notch, such thick fog, lovely snow, the night time glow of the city with Christmas lights.

Well worth the $10 I paid.


Free weekend and a sale incoming.


Snow effects are even better when you try Survival mode :)


Woo, outstanding :)


I returned to the Division after seeing some twitch streamer play Survival, and have been having a blast. Survival is great; tense and frantic and satisfying, even though I haven’t extracted successfully yet.

Plus I found the Bullet King again, so that was nice.


I tried for the first time this game now that they are having a free weekend and…
yeah I don’t like it. I suspected this from the start, so it isn’t a surprise.

In fact I’ve never seen a waste of technology (New York is impressive! so photorealistic and it runs well too!) in such a bore of a game. I just can’t into ‘third person cover-based shooter with health regen’ games. That type of gameplay is barely engaging to me, like just enough to play it if it had a very good plot with good characters… which it isn’t the case game.
Now add things like the mediocre AI, and the lack of enemy, weapon and location variety thanks to the realistic setting, and this is really a mediocre game. The scenario as pretty as it is, it also feels limited in interactivity and possible exploration. The entire game feels sterile, where the only thing you can do is go to the mission points and then kill the red-labeled guys, gain higher-dps weapons, and that’s it. Try to go a bit off the path and buildings and shops are not enterable and there is nothing to take or see.

Both Dying Light and Borderlands 2 are action-loot games with coop which are much, much better, DL because the dynamic gameplay between the more meaningful exploration, the bigger freedom, the zombies, the parkour, the differences between day and night, etc, and Borderlands 2 having loot which clearly is more fun, more variety of enemies and locales, and good side characters with a good villain, with a larger-than-life story.

And that’s ignoring the entire tone-deaf feel of the story, with the mystery ‘Division’, American government agents in civilian clothes that kill hundreds of people (all them have gangsta looking with hoodies, so don’t worry! ;) ), mostly for the crime of looting… ironically, as you also go looting everywhere you can.


Doing all the story stuff really gets you over leveled. I am 19 in areas that are saying I should be 15-16.

Which I guess is ok as I have mostly been playing solo, and the extra damage I do works out well when I have 5-6 guys attacking me.

I was playing sniper/mid range attacker (G36), but switched to shotty and M60, enemies just melt.


Yeah, I found being a few levels over the recommended level was useful when playing solo. Once you get to the endgame there are abilities and armor sets that can help with that too.


So can anyone explain why just about every vehicle in game has its doors open?

Door closing doesn’t seem to offer any useful game play benefit. If anything I wish I could open doors to use them as cover…


Clearly the programmers at Ubisoft take management’s open door policy a little too literally. Probably adds an hour or two to gameplay though.


It’s so you can get that achievement for shutting a car door during a firefight. I mean come on.


Yeah I know that , I am almost hoping there is another achievement for closing like 1000 doors, I am probably getting close to that number.


That’ll probably come in one of the expansions.


Hit level 20, reached The Last Call safe house at the bottom middle of the map.

Also the game gifted me 2 holiday beanies in red and green, I guess they have a gift thing going on for Christmas.


I have noticed that in the last 2 weeks the safe house’s are full of players, checking steamstats, a lot of people either picked this up cheap recently or have returned after the last 2 great patches.