Tom Clancy's The Division


Survival revamped this game for me in a way few expansions/patches ever have. Got on the chopper for the first time ever last night and WOW what a rush. I was richly rewarded for my efforts with ~9 goody packs and ~6 set pieces. I’m less impressed with underground, but I’ll try it a few more times. Have yet to try an ‘incursion’ or ‘high value target.’


Interesting. Why do you find Survival so good (edit: serious question, btw, wondering what you like about it)? I enjoyed my time with the Division but then got a bit bored before getting to max level.


You really need to try it for yourself, it cannot be explained :-)

I am almost rank 20 Underground now, but I do not think I will make it. Which is a shame, as at 20 I would be able to do a 2 phased Underground incursion. The problem is that I’ve repeated the 1 phase so many times now, that I am sort of getting bored of their limited maps/scope/types. I guess they need to add more content/maps to it, or I’ll definitively burn out way before I unlock a 3 Phase one.

They also need to introduce a new loot tier that is even better than set items, as it is now I have one of every set item and, sure, I could get better rolls on them, but the differences would be minuscule. I want “Ancient” Legendaries to have some rare drop chance, so there’s a reason to go out there :-) Eventually, I’ll have all the Ancient Legendaries as well, but by then hopefully there will be more…


I think it’s $20 on the Xbox countdown sale for the next week or so with gold.


I’d agree that the game could use another level of super rare gear. Maybe something like Destiny’s exotics where you can only equip one.


Is Survival viable and fun while solo? I’m strictly a solo player and will gain nothing but frustration if I don’t even have a fighting chance.


I’ve only played Survival solo, but also only on PvE. I’d say it’s perfectly viable as long as you play smart and find a balance between pushing too fast and not being prepared for the Dark Zone/extraction and moving too slow while others clear out all the loot ahead of you. Heading off to the northwest corner or south of the Dark Zone is a good way to avoid others and set yourself up well to extract.

Bonus tip for everyone, not exclusive to Survival: Someone on Reddit mentioned to turn Neutral Lighting on for a darker, more realistic experience. Cannot recommend this enough.


Yes it is viable, I finished 3x, once solo. The main thing is the last leg of survival is in the Dark Zone, and usually if you meet non dick players you can share a copter seat easily (without scrounging for parts). If not, you just have to play smart. oh this was also pve. I already knew i didnt want to die by griefers! (which CAN be fun and actually gives extra but not my much i think). Length of survival to escape is about 75-90 minutes to the copter.


also an fyi on dark zone, if you have headset and meet players, make sure to group, it makes it so much easier and the drops are better too! I got like max greens in the DZ MUCH faster instead of endless grind in Underground (which is still the best solo farm). another way to group is do daily missions with quick join, ask party if they want to do DZ… sometimes ppl will do DZ with a party already assembled.


Thanks for info. 👍


The division was a game that initially blew me away for about 30 minutes. I picked it up in the late winter doldrums of 2016, expecting very little. The opening in Brooklyn was intriguing, especially as I was living in New York at the time. When the game dropped me off at Chelsea Piers, I was overwhelmed in the best way.

The game had this gorgeous low visibility on account of the snow and darkness of night. Their were other ‘agents’ around, and thus the world felt alive. But the pve was instanced, and thus there was no immersion breaking bullshit from other people bunny hopping to their destinations.

As I moved on and started tackling missions, my wonder faded a bit, though I continued to admire the multiplayer side of things. I added everyone I could as a friend, and I liked how I could see all the agents on my minimap without them intruding on my experience. Matchmaking worked well, and coordination was enjoyable and effective. I’m a sucker for innovative multiplayer, especially if it accentuates immersion. In this respect, I’m still waiting for someone to outdo Demon’s Souls.

On my second day of play I went into the Dark Zone for the first time and had the experience I’ll always remember this game for. I followed the sounds of a chopper to an extraction zone. Again- low visibility because of the night & snow. Spotlights were as likely to blind as they were illuminate, and I felt totally exposed when passing under them. The NPC’s were deadly, and the players were all terrified and confused. These experiences can usually only be had when a game is no more than 48 hours old.

At the extraction point though I could barely see anyone, but I could hear everyone. I was terrified by and determined to contribute to the din of gunfire. I see a group of players bunkered down, and I take a potshot. They scatter like ants, and then begin to converge on my location. I take another shot, this time at a group of NPCs. In the ensuing confusion, the players aggro the NPCs and I make my escape.

I like survival because it captures that feeling again. I don’t care about leveling, items, or grinding for loot. Survival puts a group of 24 players in a new instance of Manhattan where the weather is brutal and all their items/abilities are gone. Everything will kill you, and all you have is a pistol and a need to find medicine. Nobody has loot, nobody has ults & abilities. Everyone is nervous/frantic. My first play through I was half dead within 2 minutes. Reviewing my options while I warmed up at a fire barrel, another player came along that had managed to procure an assault rifle. He takes off, and I decide my best shot is to follow in his wake until I can improve my gear. A blizzard set in, and I’m struggling to keep up. His outline fades into the white, and I frantically sprint after him…

Survival is exceptional for single players. I only do pve, as I’ve traded in my office chair and laser mouse for a couch and a controller. I’m happier with my gaming if I seek out experiences instead of competition. I’m sure I’ll tire of it in a few days, but until then I’m happy with my purchase and glad Massive accentuated this part of the game.


Very cool. Thanks for the detailed response.


I played Division Survival in a three-man team. It started well but ended with a total party wipe after 45 minutes.

At the start, our chopper crashed and we woke up in the blizzard with only the basic survival gear and a pistol. We grabbed medicine to slow our infection and made a basic piece of warm gear, then headed immediately back to the crash site. We got lucky and made it before other survivors and managed to find two large machine-guns (the ones that were side-mounted on the chopper) and some assorted gear.

We then hopped from safe house to safe house, sprinting through the blizzard before it froze us, then ducking inside of a building for warmth.

The snow was intense and its hard to see down the streets. We were combing through equipment and belongings that were abandoned when everyone fled Manhattan, hoping to find enough quality fabric and tools to make the filter masks we needed to get deeper inside of the contaminated center of the city.

We encountered small groups of thugs and typically dispatched them quickly. We saw one other survivor huddled next to a barrel for warmth, he waved at us and then ran off into the night.

One time Matt became disoriented and headed down below an underpass when Nate and I were up higher. He had to backtrack and was out in the cold for too long. His health started dropping quickly and he barely made it inside of the safe house to warm up.

We fanned out to cover more ground. I took out two lower level thugs but was surprised by an elite captain, and was even more surprised when he carried a long range machine-gun. I fled immediately but he was able to keep damaging me from a long way down the street. I turned around a corner behind cover with about 5% health to spare, and immediately ate some food to start my health regening again. By then I was out too long and my low health started dropping from the cold. I had to use a medkit, one of two you are able to carry, to get my health up to 25% and sprinted to the safe house to get warm.

Matt and I dropped down into a manhole cover and after some wrong turns made it into the subway station which are usually filled with loot. Nate got into trouble up top and died inside of a contaminated zone. I had a decision to make - find him before his 5 minute timer expired and he was permanently dead, or stay safe with Matt?

I decided to be a hero. It cost me. I made it to the edge of the contaminated zone and could see his body only a few meters inside. I ran in, started to revive him, but the radiation dropped me before the medkit was finished doing its job.

Matt had little choice. There were two of us down, he started to make his way to us. Fate meant he would encounter a group of enemies, bad luck meant they would surround him and knock him unconscious.

Three of us down, no other survivors in the area to revive us. Game over.



Looks like a Tower Defense DLC.

I just picked up the survival DLC this morning. Have played and died 3 times. Made it to DZ once, and picked up anti-viral only to turn a corner and run smack dab into two bat-wielding NPC assailants that crushed my face in 1 second flat. That was a bit underwhelming.

Otherwise it seems interesting.


Yeah TD or some sort of Horde mode. This reminds me that I need to get back to leveling up on my PS4 version.


Yeah, quit slacking off!


I know! I know! But Dragon Quest: Builders, so gooood.


You’re never gonna get better at Street Fighter if all you do is play with blocks.


I’ve shelved Survival for now. All the rewards are for level 30 characters, and my current one is only 13 (restarted a while back).