Tom Clancy's The Division


My wife and I also found the Underground DLC to be worthwhile for its pseudo-randomly generated encounters.


I was very resentful that I couldn’t play the game on Sunday. What kind of free preview weekend ends on Saturday anyway?


For some reason, the PC version ended earlier:


I tried this out over the weekend, and couldn’t get into it. I didn’t like the gunplay too much- seemed like every enemy took a full clip to kill?

Bigger for me was the whole theme of the game. I didn’t know too much going in, just “realistic NY setting, depopulated by a virus”. I guess I’d assumed it was some sort of zombie/mutant virus or something. Nope. You’re just a state-sanctioned looter killing other looters wearing hoodies? Um. Yeah, uninstalled.


I haven’t done the survival DLC but I’ve heard great things. I might stream some later and check it out if people say it’s good. Can you coop or do you spawn all over the place?


Strange, my missions were very different than yours. I rescued hostages, sought out virus research, took out a faction that was slaughtering anyone that they thought was infected, help get city power back on line, helped defend supply drops to aid in recovery efforts. Are we playing different games :)


There are four enemy factions. “Looters,” the guys in hoodies, are the first. Like the second faction, “Rikers,” they are mixed race. The other two enemy factions are all white.


I admit I barely got out of Brooklyn. Sure, they put forth a token ‘these are some bad hombres’, but it still just made me uncomfortable. Glad to hear it gets a bit better, but I suspect it still isn’t for me.


It doesn’t get “a bit better.” A few hours in to the game, virtually all of the enemies are white. So, if that is the issue, it clears up completely.


Hmm. A couple posts about race. I see that my mention of hoodies was construed that way, but it wasn’t intentional (and I do understand why in hindsight). It wasn’t a problem with killing PoC, just the whole nature of the scenario- you’re a quasi-independent agent killing people on their own discretion and the looting them. In a realistic setting, this was off-putting.


Rodrigo Duerte’s “New York Hoodie Hunt”

One of the factions have some of the same traits that parts of the New Orleans police forces experienced in the immediate aftermath of Katrina, and it pretty much resulted in the same (although in the game they take it much further, I suppose).


I need to get back into this - I had been playing with two friends but they bailed, found the difficulty too weird. We’d go through a mission without too much difficulty, then chance upon a roaming group that was several levels above us who would just wipe us out. But overall, I had a good time with it.


You can coop for sure. It starts everyone in your team in the same place, and you continue to see each other on the heads up display. It’s a good game to coop stream.


I haven’t played in a while- did I recall reading that they introduce a pvp queue with no grouping (playing solo pvp survival was basically pointless because of this earlier).

I might stream some later and check it out if people say it’s good.

I feel like survival would be particularly good for streaming. Snowy New York is gorgeous to watch, and the drama has a nice curve (super stressful at start, a bit of a lull if in the middle, culminating in a dramatic end (sometimes).


Yes, last time I played there was a solo PvP queue. I think that came with patch 1.6.


What does the Division need? Loot boxes!

Most controversially, 1.7 will see The Division hopping on the loot box bandwagon with the introduction of “encrypted caches”. These boxes can be bought through the premium item vendor, and keys can either be acquired through collecting “key fragments” from missions, or by just buying them outright. Plenty of the items inside encrypted caches can be purchased seperately, however Massive has said there will be a few cache exclusives to be found too.


Jeeze, when are they going to add zombies already? It’s taking them long enough.



They still don’t have zombies in the game!? You sure about that?


I still always half expect one of the civilians that approaches me for help to try to take a bite out of me.


1.8 update coming this fall, 4 player hoard/horde mode!