Tom Clancy's The Division


As my true “I hate myself for loving you” game, I’m thrilled to see this. We finally get a new map area and a horde mode!


I’ve had this song stuck in my head for the past day or so and I wasn’t really sure why, I couldn’t say the last time I heard it. The most logical reason is that I have precognitive abilities and knew you would make this post, pre-planting this ear worm in my mind, so thanks for nothing.


It’s weird. I searched YouTube and I found this song. Coincidence?


Hoard or Horde?

Either way, finally some new PVE stuff.


That’s the one! Clearly nefarious forces are at work. Or maybe Jesus wants me to play The Division.


Don’t put that on Jesus.


Well now I got the Doobie Bros “Jesus Is Just All Right” stuck on endless loop in my brain, but I guess that’s a step up. Man, where did I leave that Division disc?


Careless Whisper is up next.




Hey, thanks for that. Asshole! :)


Free weekend coming up.

Loading starts today if you don’t have it.


Due to the free weekend last week, I’ve been super hooked to this game. It scratches so many itch that I have, which GTA V can’t seem to meet, and I really like how easy it is to find a group. And the story was nice with great voicing acting. The level of details in the environment is the best I’ve seen. Ubisoft really put a lot of attention to their level. New York screamed with “life”. It’s too bad I only discovered this game, after many people have moved on, but it’s ok - the game is very nice to play solo as well.


Their New York was super-well done, and I loved the different phone voice logs scattered around the city, that really helped bring the game to life for me.


Yeah, that and those videos and evidence and whatnots waiting to be discovered. I can just spend lots of time watching and listening to those clips to see what happened during the outbreak. And the different time/weather made it a different feel every time I boot into the game. I’m going to check out the Survival DLC once I’m done with the main story.


Yeah, I had a lot of fun with Division as well.


Update 1.8 is coming this week (FREE), which introduce new content (a new area, West Side Pier with an aircraft carrier), Left 4 Dead-like AI Director, a new Skirmish mode and the bad guys.- Cleaners, Rikers, LMB now gang up against the agents! Exciting times… Is Qt3 planning to come back?


Where are the zombies at?


P.S. The 1.8 update does sound pretty cool, even if it doesn’t have zombies.


Aren’t you sick of zombie games? There’s tons of it… but yeah, the game is a great setup for a zombie apocalypse…


Pretty much all of the Ubisoft games of late (R6, For Honor, Division, Wildlands) have had a slow burn of getting better and better, some of which have gone from ok to bad to very good for me. Currently I find all of them except For Honor to be so much better now versus launch to be completely different games. Feel bad for Ubisoft in a sense though since it’s harder to re-market a game and get back people you lost imo.


After my great experience with Division, I am now thinking of picking up Ghost Recon Wildlands. The thing about Ubisoft current gen games are that they are so beautiful that they do stand the test of times. And with their constant free weekend promotion and games demo (for Division, at least), and the constant Steam games, those of us who missed out during launch will still end up buying the game. In the long run, they will probably recover their cost, somewhat… I think.