Tom Clancy's The Division


WiIdlands has a 5 hour trial version. I bought the full game after that a few days ago…


I tried the game again after installing my 1080, so I could revel in turning up all the graphics settings. Still intensely pretty, still basically unplayable solo - I get shot to death in roughly 2 seconds by lower level enemies if I’m ever out of cover for even a second, but if I don’t move around they spawn/flank and kill me that way.


That’s all I came here to find out. Bleh. No need to re-install a third time.


FWIW I never had much trouble soloing enemies at level, but I’m not going to waste the time reinstalling since they can’t be bothered to tell me if I was unbanned after my account got compromised.


Huh. I never had this experience. My solo experience was fairly smooth. Then again, I haven’t played in a long time. Perhaps things have changed.


I wouldn’t recommend playing it truly solo, but I think it’s the best PUG game I’ve ever played. Just join a team of randoms and it’s great.


They have- bigtime. I would love to come back as well, but they changed the damage, making it almost impossible to play solo.


My friends kind of bailed on this one some time ago but I’m thinking I may want to give it another go. Probably have to be solo.


That’s too bad. I had a good time for a while playing it as a single player game.


I came back in 1.6 and have played mostly solo with no problems. Not sure why such a difference in views on what probably should be objective


Could it be the fact that you “came back” and probably went back to an older character who was already leveled up, maybe? While others are talking about starting a new character from scratch at low level?


You should all try Wildlands :)


Did I hear zombies?

I guess you can pretend the “hoodies” are Zombies, since you have license to shoot them indiscriminately anyway, even if they just wanted to get away from Rikers Island where they were left to fend for themselves and starve to death.

Looking forward to testing 1.8, a lot of my Destiny 2 clan been playing Division lately. its funny the other day someone said Division had a lot of features that they wished they could see in Destiny 2… I remember when Division was an empy husk (1.1-1.5) filled with loathe, and now suddenly its … good–ish.

Matchmaking for Underground is still (1.7) a MESS. cant understand why games who want to cater to MP do not have tools for it. But then again, their UI is terrible as well. Would think if they invested a bit of effort into cleaning it up and making it useable - at all - would allow them to integrate the “micro” and possibly even sell some more pieces of --clothing- pixels. (where’s strikethrough?).


I hit a wall around level 22/23 playing solo that just was untenable for me and I hung it up over a year ago. Haven’t been back. Played a lot with my friends and MP is where this game truly shines, but the biggest problem is if you have a gap in your ability to play (went on a 2 week vacation), then trying to play solo to catch up, I uninstalled in frustration.

Also - while pickup games with PUGs might work when you’re leveled all the way up, or when the game was new, I waited multiple times for 10+ minutes and didn’t find anyone to do my level 22/23 missions with me.

The last big update I paid attention to, they claimed it was better for solo, so I re-installed and promptly uninstalled again after getting gangked again & again for over an hour.


Do not listen to anyone saying that The Division is an untenable solo game. It is definitely not. I have GS256’d characters in 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7. It’s a little harder in 1.7 than earlier versions, but the earlier versions were pushovers.

End-game content is heavily PvP and group-focused; however, there’s always solo runs in the DZ, solo survival, and solo underground.

Yes, I have played a shitton of TD.


That is great for you. My experience is that it is 110% untenable as a solo game, given the damage output of enemies and the near total lack of healing options. A more helpful thing to do would be to talk, in detail, about how you are playing the game successfully solo (particularly at the start) instead of just contradicting our lived experience because you happen to have done better.


Then, simply put, you’re not playing it right. I don’t know what else to say. You’re either not gearing correctly, aren’t using the cover mechanics correctly and are trying to facetank everything, are forgetting that V is for healing, or that listed DPS is a lie, or are just ignoring the game’s relatively simple systems. We’re not talking about Dark Souls here. You really don’t even have to spec yourself out until the endgame (kind of like Diablo 3 in that regard).

I think that maybe the only thing that I “do differently” with my creaky old-man shooter skills is play with K&B, whereas other 3rd-person shooters I generally go controller.


I last around 3-4 minutes myself before dying 3-4 times in a row - not a fun experience. I don’t find it particularly soloable these days, and that has changed a lot since the first time I played.


Hunh. Guess I’m just that l33t, then.


I have the gear that the game has made available with no opportunity to get anything else, I am using cover, the healing is in extremely limited supply and when I take half my health in one exchange of fire, not remotely sufficient, and going up against low level enemies (3-4 versus my level 5). If there is some system I am not using, the game never bothered to tell me about it. So I am still gonna go with “this game is untenable for soloing”. I might be able to brute force my way deeper by just dying over and over until I finally manage objectives (which is how I finished the most recent story mission) but that isn’t fun in the slightest and I have plenty of other ways to spend that time.